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Repeat child rapist now free man; victim’s mother terrified

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Cory Roberts (Photo: Dept. of Corrections)

TACOMA — Kelly McGinnis is horrified that the man who brutally raped and beat her 3-year-old daughter is now a free man.

In 1990, Kelly hired 13-year-old Cory Roberts to baby-sit her little girl.

“He pulled her hair out, beat her with plastic tubing from a play house. The doctors said she probably was not going to live,” McGinnis said Monday.

Kelly’s daughter survived but suffered permanent brain damage and now has the mental capacity of a 10-year-old child.

A judge sentenced Cory Roberts to Echo Glen, a juvenile detention center, where he then repeatedly sexually assaulted two male roommates. Roberts went to prison, was released in 2001, and within weeks was accused of having sexual contact with a 3-year-old boy.

“I felt so horrible for that little boy and that mom. She shouldn’t have had to go through that. He shouldn’t have been out in the first place,” said McGinnis.

Roberts will now live at a halfway house in the 7200 block of South Fawcett Avenue in Tacoma.

Naomie Gillam lives nearby. She has three little girls, all under the age of 5.

“I’m very scared. It makes my gut turn actually. It’s not a great feeling. It actually makes me want to move,” said Gillam.

A judge classified Roberts a ‘sexually violent predator’. He’s been held at the Special Commitment Center at McNeil Island for the past 11 years, but the King County Prosecutor’s Office says a recent evaluation shows Roberts no longer has the type of ‘mental abnormality’ to be held any longer. A psychologist felt Roberts is not violent and no longer sexually attracted to children.

“The legal system lets these guys fall through the cracks and they end up hurting more people like he’s going to do again,” said McGinnis.

Roberts will be under DOC community supervision for 21 months. He has to register as a level 3 sex offender. The DOC originally send he was not  required to wear a GPS monitoring bracelet, but updated that on Tuesday to say that they were able to get permission to put a GPS monitoring bracelet on him.


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  • Etidorhpa

    Bullshit, this piece of filth will do it again, he can't wait to do it again. Let God forgive them. Let us punish them.

    • Nobody Important

      This should never be about punishment. This should always be about prevention. Prevention with this individual can be had one of two ways. First, take him behind the prison and put a bullet into the back of head. Second, leave him in solitary confinement for the rest of his life.

      Either works for me. Neither are about punishing this individual. Both will simply prevent this individual from doing what he has done, will do, to any other individual.

  • deanna christensen

    Let him live next to the IDIOT who said "He is not violent and no longer sexually attracted to children"… I mean really, if HE believes it, then let him live next door…


    This is yet another example of why I detest our 'justice' system. There are marijuana dealers who are in prison for far longer than this monster. Guarantee: He WILL rape or murder another child, mark my words!!!

    • Nobody Important

      Consider your words marked. You are posting to FOX. I guess I am too. Sad is't it?

      This is the type of individual that should never see the light of day outside a prison cell or a bullet to the back of his head. The fact is this individual sexually abused anybody he could get his hands on. The girl, two other children while in juvenile detention and another child once released.

      These are the ones we know about.

      No individual begins by trying to silence a the victim by trying to beat her to death. There had to others before this one. He went from the girl to two boys and then to another boy as opportunity arose.

      Any individual that thinks this person is done with his abuse is an idiot.

  • cetj98168

    Why was this individual ever released when the authorities know he is a danger to children? Can't they make a life sentence for the original crime? At the very least, he should have been sentenced to life after the second and third crimes which never should have happened! Why are the authorities so determined to release these violent criminals into neighborhoods?

  • Criminologist

    The man is a sociopath! Sociopaths do not change, they evolve or devolve. All they need is an event to make them tick. People who believe in the fact that sociopaths and psychopaths can change live in denial and are naive. People who are in abusive relationships believe their significant other can change as well but here's the bottom line, they have you wrapped around your little finger until you open your eyes and say, "I'm not listening to the same song different verse anymore. I'm tired of your bullsh*t!" Those people will continue to get hurt. And the fact that he is not wearing a home monitoring bracelet is beyond me. Even having a probation officer keeping an eye doesn't do any good if he decides to lose touch with his officer by just leaving town. I know psychologists have to analyze these cases from an objectionable standpoint, but if you have children, would you want your kids around this guy?

  • von

    Down right wrong! Scary….when he does it again, and he will, we will hear, but he was rehabilatated, no…he refused treatment. Should be mandatory!

  • Nadia

    I wish the people who performed the psichologic evaluation and determined he's no longer a danger to society calls him to babysit their children, he's not just giving a second but a third chance which should not happened because the kids he abused would never get a second chance.. their life was damaged forever, specially the girl who suffered permanent brain damage…I'm so sick of the system releasing them!!

  • Christina

    Pedophilia is a sexual attraction to children. Saying he isnt attracted to young children because of therapy is like stating someone used therapy to go from gay to hetero, brunette to blonde, 5'6'' to 6'4''. While it is possible to teach someone to control themselves, it will always be there, its medical….brain functions.

  • Walt

    This guy may deserve mercy, I don’t know… But it needs to be in a prison cell or a grave… Until then I’ll be praying for those in a position to stop him permanently one way or another…

  • Concerned Citizen

    Wearing an ankle bracelet doesn’t keep child sexual predators from more violent attacks and damage to other children. It just helps police find them after the fact. Everything I have ever read or heard about people with histories of this type of repeated violent sexual behavior says they can’t be “cured” and will inevitably reoffend. Why do they keep releasing these repeat offenders? Their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness need to be permanently curtailed when childrens’ rights to same are jeopardized, especially when the predator’s pursuit of happiness causes severe physical, mental and emotional trauma to the victims. They may have medicated him into docile behavior back in 2014, but can’t monitor his behavior forever. This was last updated in June, 2014…he has been out from under DOC supervision (lasted 21 months) for about a year now. No information on his behavior between then and now is included in the posts except that he is no longer at the halfway house. Is there any recent information on him? Heart goes out to Ms. McGinnis and her daughter, for sure; hoping life has dealt more kindly with them since that horrific attack.

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