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Caught in Act: Seattle woman confronts package thief on her front porch

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BqD0_qwCQAEluY-SEATTLE — A Phinney Ridge woman caught a thief trying to steal a package from her front porch. She got her item back safely, but the woman got away.

So now she’s warning her neighbors to be on the lookout.

Lisa Chow has seen the videos of thieves taking packages right off people’s front porches. But she never thought it would happen to her, because she works from home.

“I have my regular guys I see, and I know what times they’re going to come,” she says. “I kind of know the behaviors of each of the different delivery drivers.”

But Thursday, she heard some rustling on her front porch. She didn’t see a delivery truck, so she opened her front door. There was a woman trying to stuff a package into her backpack.

“I didn’t even think how dangerous it could have been, which was kind of stupid,” Chow admits. “I just thought I’m never going to get the box back if I don’t stop her.”

The woman gave the box back, then took off.

“She was saying her friend told her to come here, that she just got the address wrong, she was trying to look confused.”

Chow has a surveillance camera on her porch, but she didn’t get a good shot of the suspect.

Police say video has helped them catch some package thieves. But with these types of thefts on the rise, they say the best thing homeowners can do is eliminate the opportunity.

“Call UPS or FedEx and let them know I’ll just pick my package up at your location,” advises officer Todd Green of the Bonney Lake Police Department.

Chow says the whole point of shopping online is for the convenience.  But now that she knows how brazen thieves can be, she will be more careful the next time she places an order.

“Probably paying more attention to when they’ll be scheduled and when they’ll be delivering,” she says.  “I think companies probably need to be better about alerting the owners more ahead of time.”

The suspect in this case was in her late 40s or 50s, about 5’6 with long brown hair. She had a black backpack, and a push cart. She was last seen Thursday afternoon, walking down 8th Avenue NW in Phinney Ridge.

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  • The World is Ending

    If she works at home then the deriver should have knocked on the door and handed her the package, but one delivery service who shall remain nameless but the drive brown, might as well just toss the package out the door as they drive buy because the past several packages they have delivered to me the only way I could tell they had delivered was they made enough noise dropping the package on the step that my dog bark. When did U** start just with drop and go and not knock and make an attempt to hand over the package. Now as far as the crook is concerned maybe someone will be armed and can catch them and zip tie their arms and legs then let them lay on the ground and call the cops to come get them (hopefully in winter when we have freezing rain and the cops are busy and take some time to come) give the crook 30 min or so to think while laying on the ground in the freezing rain or snow.

    • Owen Johnson

      The brown company will not leave a package if you live in any kind of apartment complex – I found that out the hard way. But at least they had to knock on the door for a signature. At a house, though, they'll just leave it by the front door. I sell on the internet and my suppliers ship to my customers using UPS; sometimes I'm appalled when I track the package and find out they left a $250 item on someone's porch and drove away.

      • Guest

        Each level of service has a price, most people want their packages shipped free or as cheap as possible. If the buyer wants to pay for a signature only delivery they have that option as well as the shipper. So as a business owner maybe you would like to foot the bill to your customers for guaranteed signature delivery on every item you ship. Apple does. Insurance is also available on shipments but again most buyers and sellers are not willing to pay the additional cost. It is true that there are delivery drivers for ALL companies that do not follow proper procedures as we've all seen ever year in videos and stories. However most drivers do and actually will go out of there way to ensure a safe and proper delivery. My advice to you as a seller and shipper and to anyone buying and having items shipped is to be proactive and make arrangements for your delivery either through shipping options, insurance, alternate delivery points or schedule. My last bit of advice would be to log and report any and all concerns and call them in to whatever shipping company is involved. I know first hand that they know exactly where their drivers are at any given moment.

  • ᙓᔕᙅO

    Probably should have left the footage situation secret and have the thief wondering if she's recognizable to law enforcement and the neighborhood.