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Breastfeeding mom upset over restaurant’s order

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Tabitha Donohue is unhappy with a Connecticut restaurant.

NORWICH, Conn. –  A Connecticut mom claims a restaurant told her to cover up while she was breastfeeding her baby and now, a group of moms is planning a nursing demonstration at that establishment this weekend in protest.

Tabitha Donohue said she was nursing her eight-week-old daughter inside the Friendly’s restaurant in Norwich when she was allegedly asked by the manager to cover up.

“I was offended. They came over and asked me if I cared that I was offending other people,” Donohue said. “No, I don’t care if I offend other people, I’m feeding my baby.”

“Our rights as nursing mothers according to Connecticut Statute is that we could nurse as we see fit,” friend Liz Linehan said. “We do not need to cover up and we do not need to be moved to a restroom, which is you know if you’re a nursing mother that’s disgusting.”

The Connecticut state law on breastfeeding states mothers do not have to cover the baby with a towel or blanket.

Officials at Friendly’s restaurant said they welcome breastfeeding moms.

“The guest was breastfeeding the baby while the child was lying on the restaurant’s dining table. The manager did not ask the mother to stop breastfeeding,” Friendly’s statement said. The restaurant its goal was to offer the mother a more comfortable place to breastfeed.

There was no further comment or reaction from Friendly’s corporate office.

“It was never can you pick your baby up off the table, it was can you cover your breasts,” said Amber Pendleton, who was eating lunch with Donohue when the incident occurred.

Pendleton said she is glad their story is being discussed because all they want everyone to know about is a mother’s right to breastfeed in public.

“Any woman who goes to Friendly’s should be able to feed their baby the way they want to as the law says they can,” Pendleton said.

Dozens of mothers, who nurse their infants are signing up for a “nurse-in” this Saturday at the Friendly’s. Organizers said it’s a positive campaign to make restaurants and patrons alike aware of the state law.

“What I am surprised by is the outcry and the loving support I’m receiving from the nursing community,” Linehan said.

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  • Cowboy Justice.

    While I agree, a woman should be able to breast feed in public without social repercussion, It is still nice to use some common sense and couthe when you breast feed. In this day and age, like it or not, people are still going to find the baring of ones breasts disgusting and offensive, especially when they have their children with them. Like in any other social example a bit of common sense and couthe go a long way rather than just thinking of yourself and not others. Im not saying you have to cover your breast, but maybe finding a nice quiet corner to breast feed rather than up front and in the spot light?

  • vanman

    instead of teaching children that a womans breasts are something that should be hidden from view they should be taught that they have a purpose to feed her baby as for the puritanical morons of society get over it there breasts all women have them and if we lived anywhere else on this planet you would see them at the beach in all their glory.

  • Guest2

    They didn't ask her to stop they asked her to cover up …and she should take into account that others might be offended in the way she was feeding the child…I don't know I wasn't there … But I would take offense if someone was completely exposed and rude about it and that's the impression that I get is that she was rude and she didn't care…. Her statement of “No, I don’t care if I offend other people, I’m feeding my baby.” She should take into account that laying the child on the table with her breast hanging into the child's mouth is not completely appropriate….So yeah cover the part of your breast thats not being used…..It would have been different if she was lovingly holding the child to her breast… But it sounds like she needed her hands free

  • shauna

    Some people don’t want to see your boobs while they eat. Just cover it up while you’re feeding the baby. It’s not rude to ask someone to show some decency.

  • Christina

    The way I read it is the baby was laying on the table and they asked if she would like somewhere more comfortable. What the hell is wrong with that and where does she get they were asking her to cover up? Sounds like a first time mommy self esteem issue to me, where you are over sensitive about comments. In this case the only comment made was about a newborn breatfeeding on a hard table. Boo hoo, which one is the baby?

    A lawsuit could line her pockets.