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Another violent sex offender wanted in Canada now in Washington

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

kevin miller sex offenderARLINGTON, Wash. — A violent sex offender wanted in Canada is running loose in Washington.

Local authorities want you to pay attention in case you come across Kevin Scott Miller.

As of Thursday, local authorities say there is no indication that Canada has plans to extradite him on a nationwide warrant there. The warrant is good only in Canada.

Until Miller commits a crime in the U.S., officials have no power to arrest or supervise the level III sex offender.

He holds dual citizenship in Canada and the United States.

Jennifer Fleck said Miller approached her and a group of her friends at Arlington’s Haller Park this month.

“He was very charming. He would say things to put you at ease, to keep you comfortable and compliment you,” Fleck said.

After hanging out for several days, Fleck said, Miller’s behavior quickly changed.

“We started to get a bad feeling from him. You could see him losing his temper kind of easily,” Fleck said.

Fleck and her friends stopped hanging out with Miller.

She said she had no idea the 45-year-old is a sex offender in Canada, after crossed the border into Washington in January.

“Because he is homeless and he could be anywhere in the county of 750,000 people, we did do this unprecedented attempt of reaching out to the public,” Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office spokeswoman Shari Ireton said.

Authorities say Miller derives pleasure from choking women and watching them suffer. He’s been convicted of sexually assaulting two women in Vancouver, B.C. One of the victims was just 14.

“I’m so creeped out; its pretty scary. The next person may not be so lucky,” Fleck said.

But local authorities say their hands are tied. He’s not wanted for a crime here, so only Canada has the power to extradite him.

“The ball is in Ottawa`s court at this point, as far as we know,” Ireton said.

This isn’t the first time a dangerous sex offender has crossed over from Canada.

Michael Stanley, who holds American citizenship, moved into Seattle after fleeing Canada, where he was a sex offender and wanted for breaking off his GPS bracelet.

The Washington Department of Corrections in Olympia says they don’t have the authority to watch Miller until he is sentenced by local courts to serve community supervision.

“Take him back, lock him up and get him help,” Fleck said.

Miller is currently listed on Snohomish County’s sex offender registry.



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  • J. palmer

    I am Canadian and live in central BC, I heard the news anchors say and I quote "we are getting tired of Canada exporting their sex offenders".
    We send them down to the USA to get shot in your police state, not our fault that you can't find them, just ask the NSA. We will make you a deal though, if you stop exporting guns, war, and corrupt oil tycoons, we will stop sending you our sex offenders.

  • Paul Dean

    Good job in vilifying the man. He may or may not be a violent sex offender, but now he is at risk of being a victim of assault and worse thanks to this decision. Very smart Sharif, very smart. People are already cautious around strangers, especially the homeless. You just gave people reason to commit crime. The fact is that I'm hardly surprised. I''ve lived in Snohomish county my whole life, and I know how stupid our sheriff's office is. When you find him dead in some ally, or beat to a pulp, you will have to prosecute yourselves for inciting violence. But you won't because you're just going to explain it away. At some point you will not be able to rationalize blatant stupidity. It's your duty as the Sheriff to serve and protect. Tell me, do you really think you're protecting people with this release? You're not protecting this man is sure to be a victim now. Or is that what you intended all along? He may be a violent sex offender, I'm not going to argue that, but to me this constitutes cruel and unusual punishment when the man wasn't even convicted of anything here. I am ashamed, truly ashamed, of how far we have sank. Please, don't hurt this man. If he commits a crime then we will try him in a court of law, as is proper. But there is nothing just about putting his face out for everyone to see and saying "Attack this man, he is scum." If something happens to this man I will file a lawsuit against the sheriff. It is not their job to administer justice, it is not their job to incite violence and scorn. You should be ashamed too.

    • thatguy

      A known violent sex offender in Canada has been outed for being in Snohomish county and you’re trying to defend him? His youngest victim known was just 14 years old. “Miller derives pleasure from choking women and watching them suffer.” That can end deadly in a second.

      Just because he hasn’t committed a crime in the US doesn’t mean the assaults he did in Canada don’t exist.

      He has assaulted minors, and probably ruined their lives. He’s not an innocent man whether you think so or not.

      We have a right to know of his crimes whether convicted in US or Canada to be able to avoid him, not commit crimes against him.

    • Neaomi

      Your completely off how would you feel if that was your 14 year old child being raped and choked are you fucking kidding me thing did not say go attack this man it said call authorities which is the right thing. Yes did a right thing by letting us know there is a violent homeless sex offender running around and he has went after children thank you for informing us sheriffs office you are in the right.

  • Angel McDaniwl

    Why is the picture of a African American but when u click on link it’s a white guy what the hell is wrong with this post….

    • Vincent Parsons

      I came here to make the same comment.
      The preview picture used isn’t even in the article and had nothing to do with it.
      Leaving it up this long makes it look intentional.