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14-year-old boy found not guilty of brutal attack on jogger

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Jordan Monasmith testifies in Kitsap County Superior Court in trial of 14-year-old boy accused of attacking her in Bremerton on May 7. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

PORT ORCHARD — A 14-year-old boy accused of attacking a woman as she jogged on May 7 was found not guilty by a judge.

The defendant was found not guilty in Kitsap County Juvenile Court Wednesday. The case’s judge said the boy was not necessarily innocent, but that prosecutors “didn’t prove their case.”

He will not face any jail time.

The alleged victim, Jordan Monasmith, said she was “upset the system let her down” following the judge’s decision.

According to Monasmith, the boy tackled her to the ground and choked her while she was out on a springtime jog.

Monasmith said the boy tackled her to the ground and squeezed her so tightly she couldn’t scream for help.

“His body weight was too much for me to hold after running so we collapsed on the pavement,” Monasmith told Q13 FOX News.

Officers arrested the boy a short time after the alleged incident.

This story will be updated as more information becomes available.

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  • D.M.

    Our juvenile court system is BROKEN! Now this kid will get the idea in his head that he can do whatever he wants and nothing will happen to him! Unfortunately, this happens over and over!

  • S_Hunter

    So much for justice. A victim and eyewitness and "can't prove the case"????? I vote for killing the criminals in the act. The "law" won't do anything.

  • Kevin H.

    I wouldnt think the prosecuter was to blame. Maybe the Judge was swayed some how! Something is Very wrong!
    But thats how the justice crap is!!

  • Kim

    Eye for an eye in this case. To bad it’s not the judge or the prosecutors daughter.Really, how can these people sleep at night knowing they support that behavior. The justice system is pathetic on so many levels.

  • Marsha

    Another victim victimized. Our justice system is screwed up. Not surprising though. They always get off Scott free.

  • The World is Ending

    The kid will do it again and again until he either kills someone or gets killed himself, but when that happens the parents will blame the person he that he attacked and try and sue. I am surprised that the court didn't charge her with assaulting a minor child, because with the current system minors can assault people and if the people defend themselves rather than just take it they are the bad guy and are brought up on charges and the kids are let off, unless the kids do something to a public employee or some rich person, then they get not just the book but wole library thrown at them

  • King James

    It's sad she didn't see justice served. I bet she starts carrying a gun and just blows away the punk that comes near her, that will be sad too because she will be the one charged.