Revive I-5 returns: Northbound I-5 in Seattle closed this weekend

Lots of clouds today, more sun tomorrow

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The sun will play hide and seek with the clouds today. More sun returns to the region tomorrow.

The flow in the atmosphere this week is mostly out of the north and west. This means more clouds and slightly cooler temperatures than last week.  It’s nature’s air conditioner off the cool Pacific waters. The storm track is generally north of us– but I think we’ll probably break our unseasonably dry streak later this week. I think the best bet for that is on Thursday. As of today our dry streak is at 15 days. The driest June on record in Seattle was back in 1951 and had 0.13″ of rain. We’ve had zero so far this month.

TODAY a slight chance of a shower around the Puget Sound. A pleasant mix of clouds & sun. Generally nicer for SW Washington getting into Portland. High temps around 65-70 for Seattle, a bit warmer the further south you go.

TOMORROW looks like the nicest day of the week. Brief clouds to mostly sunny skies. Temps bouncing up into the low 70s for Seattle/Puget Sound. .

THURSDAY looks like the wettest day of the week. Cooler temps and on/off showers look likely. Highs only 60-70 for much of the region west of the Cascades.

THE WEEKEND looks pretty nice, but not as nice as last weekend. FRIDAY has some showers, though mostly in the morning. Chillier temps this weekend– mostly in the 60s. SATURDAY there’s a slight chance of a shower but otherwise partly sunny skies. SUNDAY is Father’s Day. We’ll see more clouds with a chance of showers around Seattle/Puget Sound. Still looks pretty nice if you’re heading south for the Pride celebrations in Portland.

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