Owner upset home-based day care not included in 1,000-foot buffer from pot businesses

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Terri Squires runs a day care inside her home in Port Orchard. She found out that the state does not consider her home-based business the same as a regular day center when it comes to buffer distance from legal marijuana shops. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

PORT ORCHARD — Terry Squires has run a licensed day care from her home since 1993 and she never imagined her business and her children would be looked upon differently from those in a licensed day care center until came a knock on her front door.

“I had a developer actually approach me and offered to buy my business,” Squires said.

That came as a surprise to Squires, so she began to research and found a marijuana grow operation was seeking to open up shop at an industrial park right up the street from her home-based day care.

She wasn’t too worried that it would actually happen because her home is just 933 feet from the industrial park, well within the 1,000-foot buffer required by law.

But to her surprise she learned the Liquor Control Board’s definition of da ycare center excluded home day cares in the buffer rule.

“The children in elementary schools, junior high, high schools, arcades, parks, child care centers are protected; licensed family home child care, as well as school age child cares, are not protected,” Squires said.

So far Squires say she hasn’t been able to get a straight answer as to why and she’s ready to fight to protect her children and those in other home-based day cares.

The new marijuana businesses that are approved by the state still must get a local business license, and local municipalities may be able to set their own rules that supersede the state’s.

Port Orchard Mayor Tim Matthes says if it’s up to him there will be no distinction between day care centers and the home-based counterparts.

“If it is our call, I would like to see us to say they’re treated the same. If it’s within 1000 feet, then we don’t permit it,” Matthes said.

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  • Joe

    They act like it's a strip club for of immoral people; 70 years of government propaganda have them believing in refer madness.

  • Ted

    First of all, that’s a day care center? Second, it looks like you would have to cut through the woods to make the 933ft. If she would’ve said nothing no one would know.

  • Ted

    She said she was 993ft from the industrial complex, I find it highly unlikely that her grow operation was just 7ft from there. ( technicallity )

  • Ivan W.

    Maybe Terry should run down 666 feet to the liquor outlet (grocery store , Isle 4 , next to the cereal isle !!!!) and buy a nice legal bottle of booze so she can feel better when she DRIVES 17 miles to the bingo hall DRUNK….How many kiddies can YOU ENDANGER in your driving ????? How far away are you from a school????….Well , I never have any of my weed leave my bottle and attack or hurt ANYONE!!!!!! Terry and her "ARMY" is the reason health care in the US is so far behind the rest of the world… We pay 90 percent more than any other country and we get 25-30 percent less care…. Screw your "business"Terry

  • Ivan W.

    I have pancreatitus and have my medical weed card because I am in GREAT MISIRABLE PAIN…. My father-in-law has fought back pain for years. He has been on OXYCODONE, VICODEN, and many others… He is 67 years old and I would consider him "old School", "redneck" ,"anti-druggie"… Well he tried marijuana edibles and lotion… HE IS OFF THE OXYCODONE and the others pain meds now…. HIS LIFE IS BETTER…. I encourage people to learn more about Marijuana with an OPEN MIND….

  • Mark M.

    Just a guess, but I believe the high volume hours for the 2 types of business will not coincide. And do these same restrictions apply to the liquor stores?