Cooler, cloudier week ahead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Clouds with gradual clearing will repeat often this week. The best chance of showers looks like Thursday.

SEATTLE — Our unseasonably dry June continues, but this week looks a bit cloudier and a touch cooler than last week. With, you guessed it, a few showers to snap the dry streak. For Seattle, it’s been since May 25th since SeaTac Airport has seen any measurable rain. I think the almost 3 week dry spell will end on Thursday.

TODAY we’re seeing some drizzle in some areas this morning along with pretty thick marine layer clouds. Gradual clearing expected by the afternoon. High temps a bit cooler today as well.  Expect to see about 65-70 around Seattle/Puget Sound. Tonight a slight chance of a few isolated showers, mostly in the mountains. Overnight lows in the 50-55 range.

TOMORROW also sees some gradual clearing, with a slight chance of showers. High temps about mid 60s around Seattle/Puget Sound. A bit more clearing for Portland and slightly warmer as well.

THE REST OF THE WEEK looks very nice for Wednesday. In fact that looks like our warmest day of the week. I expect we’ll have showers make a comeback for everyone on Thursday which should snap our dry streak. The showers don’t seem to last long though. A few might linger into Friday. I think at this point Friday night and Saturday look dry. Sunday could have a few showers for Father’s Day near Seattle.

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