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6th missing climber identified in Mount Rainier accident

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Erik Kolb is missing and presumed dead on Mount Rainier.

SEATTLE — A former New Jersey man was identified as one of six people presumed dead when their group fell thousands of feet down Mount Rainier last week.

The New Jersey Star Tribune identified the sixth missing man as 34-year-old Erik Kolb. According to the Star Tribune, Kolb was part of the expedition out with Seattle-based climbing service Alpine Ascents.

Four climbers and two local guides took off on a very challenging journey on Mount Rainier last week. On Saturday only their equipment was found on the top of the Carbon Glacier at about 9,500 feet high. The Liberty Ridge climb takes five days.

Another of the six climbers presumed killed last week in a fall on Mount Rainier was 40-year-old Intel Corp. Vice President Uday Marty, the company confirmed Monday.

Alpine Ascents International released this statement Monday:

“Matt and Eitan are near and dear to all of us at Alpine Ascents. While often guiding on Rainier and in the Cascades, their skill level and passion for the mountains were always at the forefront of their time in the field. Matt, intense, philosophical and driven by the right way to do things, left an indelible mark on all around him. His pursuit for excellence was matched by his sense of camaraderie and humor. Eitan, quick with a smile and exuberant, had that infectious nature of guides who love their work and time in the mountains. His talent as a strong leader and critical thinker in the wilderness was unsurpassed.”

“Our other team members shared our love for climbing and the strong bond that the mountains create.”

“These are hard days for all involved as we reach out and send condolences to the families and friends and try as best we can to comfort each other. The kind words shared by so many are taken to heart and help us all heal.”

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