BREAKING: Woman killed by stray bullet in Burien

Double homicide in south Seattle not gang-related, police say

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

photoSEATTLE — Matalepuna Malu, accused of killing two men in south Seattle Sunday, was ordered held on $1 million bail Monday. He is to appear in court Thursday.


Also, on Tuesday, the Seattle Police Department said it “has become clear that this violence was not gang-related. Neither of the victims had a criminal history and neither man is suspected of any wrongdoing.  Investigators continue to follow leads and gather more information in this case, and ask that anyone with information please call (206) 233-5000.

Police say it was working with people in the neighborhood that helped get Malu into custody.  They’re hopeful that kind of community trust will continue to grow.

“We heard like 2 or 3 gunshots, then a loud wail, then bang, bang, bang, bang,” says Evan Simcox, who lives in an apartment building near South King Street and 29 Avenue South. “We went down there and there was just two kids lying on the street down there.”

The gunman was already gone, by the time officers arrived. But thanks to the help of witnesses, police identified him as 26-year-old Malu.

“The police department went around and talked to the neighbors immediately afterwards,” says Mayor Ed Murray. “They have been in touch with the community throughout the day, the churches. It’s been a very good working relationship as we’ve tried to work through this.”

This afternoon, police say Malu showed up at police headquarters downtown.

“He was standing outside, I assume preparing to turn himself in,” says Assistant Chief Nick Metz. “I recognized him from the bulletin, asked him his name, he confirmed who he was. We took him into custody without any incident.”

Police would not say whether this shooting was related to any of the other recent crimes in the area.

“It’s really too early to tell right now. Obviously, there’s been a lot that’s been going on. We’re going to be looking at every case, going back and reviewing the facts.”


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  • Joe Camel

    I'm almost willing to bet a cop's annual doughnuts eaten to my dollars that this guy already has some type of bench warrant for his arrest out for him that hadn't been executed yet. I don't think this is the first time I've seen the mug shot, I'm going to have to check Washington's most wanted. But I do believe possibly he is one of the many dangerous criminals the justice system has dwelt with or still in process of before this occurred.

    • hydro

      whiners like you would cry all day long about police abuse if they do their job and lock these folks up…You like to joke about doughnuts , but what are YOU DOING other than bitching???? Too much time on your hands I suppose. Looking up a guys history to bitch????? Get a life pal

      • Joe Camel


        2 people are dead, this criminal has a history of dead people around him, yeah I going cry out about does it take to protect our society from degenerates like this. Seems like folks these days are too busy not caring and essentially see evil and look the other way thus condoning it. Its the outcry and demonstrations from the public at large that will put pressure on our law makers and police to do their jobs and protect society from the likes of dangerous career criminals. Unfortunately that can't protect us from lack of empathy towards those who suffer as a result of degenerate behavior as you seem to demonstrate.

  • Kit

    Yes, Seattle has a gang problem. That's been a dangerous ares for a long time. I'd never go there in the evening or night even though I do not resemble a young gang banger.