‘Stranger Danger’ suspect: Fircrest police release sketch; girl and mom warn about attempted luring

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Police in the Pierce County city of Fircrest say a 13 year old girl did the right thing when a stranger approached her and tried to get her into his car — she ran away and found help.

That girl and her mother are now sharing their story so other families will be alert, and police have released a sketch of the suspect they hope you can identify and get off the streets.

Rhonda Adams is still in disbelief that a man drove up to her daughter as she walked to her bus stop on Alameda Ave. on Wednesday morning in Fircrest, and tried to get her into his car three separate times.

You`re disgusting to be trying to lure a 13 year old girl as a mother,” she says. “It`s the stuff that nightmares are made of. The stuff that keeps you up at night.”

Fircrest is a small community. Adams always thought her middle school student would be safe walking the couple blocks to the bus by herself. “You always say ‘Stranger Danger’, but you never really think it`s going to happen.” But it did. Adams’ daughter, Heidi, says the man drove up in a gold sedan and offered her a ride. She refused and tried to walk away, but he kept following her, “It`s kind of a weird feeling you get in your stomach,” Heidi says. “Does he have a weapon? Is he going to make me get in the car? What do I do?

She went to a neighbor`s house and asked for help. Fircrest Police Chief John Cheesman says that was the right thing to do. Now they`re alerting other parents. “It`s a great chance for us to once again talk to our children about safety issues,” says Chief Cheesman, “And, if anyone tries to approach you, yell, scream, do whatever you have to do and get away.”

Heidi got a good description of the suspect, but he hasn’t been caught yet, and that makes her nervous. “I`m scared for my brother and sister and some of the other kids who live in Fircrest, because there`s lots of them that walk home by themselves.

Rhonda says even though Heidi proved she can take care of herself, she won’t let any of her children walk alone while this suspect is still on the loose. She wants other parents to be careful too. “I hope our community becomes more aware that it even happens here.”

The suspect is described as either Black or Asian in his early 30’s. He had a hefty build and was wearing a baseball cap and white jacket with red and black stripes.

If you recognize anything about the suspect that can help Fircrest police identify him, call an anonymous tip into:

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