Police find 140 pounds of marijuana, hash oil lab in Centralia home (PHOTOS)

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Centralia marijuana recovered (4)

An anti-crime team recovered 140 pounds of marijuana Wednesday in Centralia. (Photo: Centralia P.D.)

CENTRALIA — Authorities discovered 140 pounds of marijuana and a hash oil processing lab at a Centralia home on the 800 block of West Pear Street.

Centralia police arrested a 52-year-old man and booked him into Lewis County Jail. He faces possession with intent to manufacture a controlled substance.

Hash oil is a highly concentrated form of marijuana resin. During the production process, a highly flammable and explosive vapor is emitted which can cause large explosions.

According to police, the street value of the marijuana if it were all made into hash oil would be $156,000.

Officers also seized a pickup truck, a car and an RV.

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  • Cowboy Justice.

    Correct me if im wrong, but isnt centralia WASHINGTON inside the borders of the very state that voted to legalize pot? So, if its legal, then why is the man in jail on charges?

    • Rob Lee

      Sure .. but not to make oil… and other products and sell them… the government makes you get a licence ect to do that… so if government isn’t getting there money …. they gonna bust you…

  • Joe Camel

    To the Clam, that is what is called sugar leaf. Those are the trimmings of the bud which is processed to remove the trichomes to produce hash oil. But the amount of sugar leaves he has it is obvious one that he has more than an ounce which is the limit for non medical patients. Even if he is a medical patience he has more the allowed amount of dried medical cannabis allowed by law for patients. Also making the concentrate is regulated for only approved processors.

    The big concern for me is two fold, the amounts he have of dried cannabis sugar leaf reveals that producers are providing the leaf for he could did not have a grow op there that could produce this. So the producers who provided the sugar leaves for processing will probably get a knock on their doors so.
    Remember a week or so ago the largest hash oil fire and operation in the state was blew up in Puyallup.
    This is an obvious campaign by the state to remove competition from disrupting their new tax revenue source. Second though I believe in personal freedom this kind of operation should not be done in urban neighborhoods where others could get hurt if the processor of hash oil experiences a Darwinain Moment. Lesson in all this the state doesn't care if you hurt yourself they just don't want you stealing money they are trying to steal from its citizens.

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