WEATHER: Fantastic weekend, long dry streak ahead

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Beautiful sunset. Viewer photo from Brandy in Steilacoom.

SEATTLE — The weather will be great, so there’s not too much to say. Sunglasses and sunscreen are two things to make it through the next several days successfully.

We do say goodbye to the soggy month of May. In Seattle, we’ve seen 3.15″ of rain– that’s well above the normal of 1.94″ for the month. It puts this month in the record books as the 8th wettest May ever for at SeaTac Int’l Airport. This comes on the heels of an April that was the 9th wettest ever. And a March that was the wettest month of March ever with more than 9 inches of rain. February also had 200% of normal rainfall. We could use a break for certain– and that break looks to start today.

FRIDAY looks amazing. Brief clouds to mostly sunny skies. A slight chance of Cascade thunderstorms. High temperatures around 80 in Portland. 70-75 for Seattle/Puget Sound. Lots of clear skies tonight with overnight lows a bit chilly, about 45-50.

SATURDAY looks amazing. Mostly sunny skies and temps about 75-80 for the I-5 corridor. Overnight lows around 50.

SUNDAY: yup still amazing. We say hello to June and more sunshine. Temps again about 70-80 for much of the region. Overnight lows about 50-55.

NEXT WEEK our dry streak continues. Chilly mornings and gorgeous afternoons. Highs for Seattle look to be about 70-75. We could be in this dry spell quite some time. The computer forecast models look to keep us in this weather pattern for the next 8-12 days.


Juvenile eagle with a lingcod dinner in their talons. Viewer pic from Noelle in Manchester.

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  • melvin

    Looks like the Liberal fantasy of "climate change" still bring good weather to Seattle. I thought "climate change" only brought storms, disaster, and end of life………..

  • Orville

    You know the Seattle Libs will find some excuse for good weather that is also climate change and pending disaster and reason for more taxation. Perhaps they will say the dry period coming up is reason for increased water rates and rationing again.

  • Bill#301

    We KNOW Climate Change is true because the democrats say it is. THe sheeple in Seattle actually believe that………..but they also smoke a lot of pot, too.

  • Crystalgirl

    Look at the people they elected this time to the mayor's office and the city council. Just a big of a whack-job as mayor McSchwinn. Seattle has seen better days.