Stuck in TODAY’S traffic nightmare? 3 apps to save TOMORROW’S commute

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Exploring The Pacific Northwest

Interstate 5 in and around Seattle is home to some of the worst traffic in the country. From Getty Images.

SEATTLE —  Traffic on interstate 5 through Seattle was gridlock Thursday morning after an expansion joint broke forcing WSDOT to rush in and make repairs.

If you were surprised by the mess then you weren’t using a traffic app on your smart phone and if you were using a traffic app and you were still surprised you were using the wrong app.

Below are three of the best apps to help you avoid traffic trouble and get to where you are going on time.

1.  Waze
-What it is:  voice-enabled, GPS navigation app with turn-by-turn driving directions with cute icons and game-like features.

-Stand out feature:  Real-time traffic data based on you and other drivers using the app.

-Waze drivers can also report accidents and traffic info.

-Who’s it for?  People who want to have a little fun, hate too much data and still want to get to work on time.

2.  INRIX Traffic
-What is it:  This is the all-encompassing data driven traffic nerd app.

-Stand out features:  These are the folks who provide traffic data to WSDOT and other state highway agencies.  So you know it’s good info.

-INRIX drivers can also get traffic news, look at live video feeds, geek out.

-Who’s it for?  Data nerds!

3.  Google Maps
-What it is:  Google owns Waze and incorporates the user-generated traffic data into its real-time info on beautiful maps

-Stand out features:  Google also integrates different forms of transportation, walking, public transit and cycling.

-Google Maps drivers can also see places along their commute where they might want to stop like bakeries, cafes or stores.

-Who’s it for?  Everyone, especially those who commute by other means than car.

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1 Comment

  • The Clam

    Too bad WSDOT doesnt give a crap about Seattle's traffic congestion problems. Why cant we vote out the people making these decisions? or the crazy misuse of funds for construction projects. dont forget the disappearing of hundreds of millions of dollars by WSDOT over the past few years on projects such as the 520 bridge. it would be nice if we could address the real issue instead of throwing a bunch of band aids at the problem like phone apps and bike lanes.

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