LIST: Beer brewed with crickets and 2 other Seattle Kickstarter campaigns to get in on NOW

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Photo courtesy The Outlander Brewing Company

1.  Outlander Brewery: Nano brewing: It’s a cozy pub in the heart of Fremont and it’s a nano brewery on the verge of greatness. Basically these guys know their beer – not which Budweiser goes best with my brat type guys, more brewing over 200 different ales using things like crickets, holy basil, and peanut butter type guys.

Their ask is simple enough, moolah to make more beer, specifically their hoping to go from a 1 barrel to a 3.5 barrel system. The over-under = more selection and more beer.

Rewards: pint glasses, hoodies, and a VIP Private Party

Days left in campaign: 3 (ends June 1st, 2014)


Photo courtesy: Lady Yum

2.  Lady Yum: Macaroons and Mischief: Oprah’s Favorite Things list won’t be announced for months but something tells me Macaroons from Lady Yum will someday find their way on it.  Join the nearly 300 backers to help open the first French macaroon parlor in Washington State.

The artisan macaroons shop will be in Kirkland and will feature the unique flavors that make Lady Yum macaroons so unique. Flavors like mango habanero, maple bacon, and crunchberry. Plus their gluten-free and clock in at around 95 calories. Yeah, I’m a fan.

Rewards: macaroons (duh) plus tickets to exclusive Macaroon & Mischief events and membership to the Mac of the Month Club

Days left in campaign: 1 (ends Friday May 30th, 2014)


PRIMO math game board. Photo courtesy: Math for Love

3.  Primo: Math board game: OK, for most of us learning math was, in a word, challenging. Enter PRIMO a new board game that uses arithmetic to “open a world of possibility.” Its designed for 2-4 players ages 10 and up and it’s currently raised more than 2 times its goal – pretty impressive for crowd sourcing.

According to the Kickstarter page: “the basic mechanics of PRIMO are simple enough that kids can play and enjoy the game, but the possible strategies are complex enough that even mathematically-trained adults need to stop and think about their best move.” I’m game.

Rewards: PRIMO board game and a private math salon at your home etc.

Days left in campaign: 8 (ends  Friday June 6th, 2014)

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