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Ever get stuck behind slow driver in left lane? WATCH THIS state trooper get ’em

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

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  • Noah

    I understand the point of this. On the other hand, it’s ridiculous the time police are wasting ticketing people for this stuff. I was pulled over the other day on my bicycle for not having a tail light. They really have nothing better to do? Drug addicts roam the streets all day and night, but they have to harass the people that aren’t really doing any harm.

    • Matt

      It’s not the fact that they’re going out of their way to “harass” people. The issue is that people aren’t responsible enough to follow the rules on their own, so the police have to play babysitter on the small stuff. Perfect example, the fact that you chose to ride your bike without a tail light/ reflector puts others at risk for an accident, therefore you were punished and hopefully you learned your lesson and you won’t endanger others in the future.

    • Dance In Sync Line Dancing

      Slow drivers in the left lane are one of the biggest problems on the road, mostly highways! Cars impeding traffic flow by plugging up the left lane create stress and risk for drivers having to maneuver in and out of slower traffic in the lanes to the right. If you pay attention yourself when you find yourself behind one of these idiots, you’ll understand.

  • dt

    They just let the people speeding and driving dangerously go. I don’t disagree with this law, there have been many times I have needed/wanted to pass and some one in left lane doing ten under. Irritating for sure, but it shouldn’t be a pass for people who are irresponsible enough to disregard the speed limit.

    • Laura Richards

      Actually, the trooper specifically stated that they aren’t going condoning speeding. I’m not sure if you’ve ever received a speeding ticket, but they’re quite common, which just goes to show that they are enforcing the law both ways. It’s just as dangerous to drive slow in the passing lane because of the following reactions from other drivers trying to get around, for whatever reason that might be. And in the most extreme cases, someone might have a kid laying down in the back seat having an asthma attack. So I’m happy to see that they’re finally making an effort to enforce the speeding laws on both sides of the spectrum, not just for those who are speeding.

  • JC

    Major problem is many states use the left lane as the “fast lane” & it’s illegal to fail to yield to traffic that seeks to overtake in the left lane, or to create any other “obstruction” in the left lane that hinders the flow of traffic. As a result, heavy trucks & high profile vehicles are then prohibited from using the left lane. (Yah, they adhere well, too!)

    With some states, like WA & CO enforcing diff laws, w/the left lane being a passing lane only, it’s inconsistent & confusing, esp for ppl like that travel often. Using the left lane as a ‘passing lane only’ is a foolish waste of road space. Fast to the left, slow to the right. Yah, great in theory, but many ppl think they know better & dig their heels 30mph, w/oncoming traffic of 60mph+. It’s absolutely dangerous! We can dream, huh?!! MN & WI are the absolute WORST jerk drivers I’ve ever seen for far (& I’ve driven in nearly every state in the union).

    Nothing would make me happier than cops ticketing these slow, self-centered drivers using the left/fast lane illegally. Unfortunately, the nation needs to get some damn consistent laws, too! Like I said, we can dream. Chalk it up right there w/those states that legalized marijuana, yet it’s STILL Federally illegal. Wait..wasn’t that WA & CO, too?!!! Well, go figure!!!

    • Fred

      The fast lane should be open to every car moving at the speed limit. Slower cars in the fast lane must be overtaking at more than 15 kmph than the car passing

      • niko

        No you shouldn’t. The far right lane is for folks who go slow like you. There’s no reason why you get to block traffic you’re not that important. Only emergency vehicles get to block traffic. If you can’t handle doing 60 in the right lane then take 99 you slow selfish driver. There’s more than the law here WA drivers don’t know driving courtesy. Never taught to yield to flowing traffic let’s stop it cause I only wanna do 60. GTFOH.

      • Dance In Sync Line Dancing

        The principle of this law and issue is “Traffic flow”. Which means the left lane is meant to be for passing. If any vehicle is coming up on you and you are in the left lane (no matter how fast you or he is going), you should look to move over. It is for PASSING, NOT CRUISING! It’s a simple thing! Please don’t be one of those idiots that caring intelligent people have to maneuver around!!

        • Rocky Boss

          It’s not just the far left lane. The law says if you are not going faster than the cars on your right then you should move right. And for the rest of you that have failed to learn how you should drive, look up zipper merge and stop slowing traffic by not using the entire merging lane. If drivers in the merging lane and the main line understand how merging is suppose to work traffic would flow together smoothly. And there is NO excuse for stopping in the merging lane unless you have reached the end of it and have not managed to merge.

  • Sherry Belle

    Yeah, I’ve driven in the left lane and I always made sure I was driving the speed limit or slightly faster so other people driving the speed limit wouldn’t feel the need to pass me on the right. I was taught that it’s called an EMERGENCY lane and the only people I should move over for is; emergency vehicles who would obviously need to drive much FASTER, than the speed limit. The speed limit is there for a reason and now I will probably avoid the left lane, altogether.

    • niko

      Lol its not dangerous to drive 63 or even 64 mph with decisions. You’re gonna tell me our driving risk goes up that much more with an increase of 3-4 mph? GTFOH no data exists to support your slow claim. Not doing the speed limit impedes traffic. Can’t do it stay on 99 speed limit is only 50 or even 45 for slow folks in places.

  • augie

    The left lane seems to b the text or thumb up your ass lane! The ones who get over there and run side by side instead of getting out of the way and letting the guy who wants a ticket the right to get one! Use can’t enforce the speed limit by blocking the left lane, all you do is cause a wreck by someone passing on right at high rate of speed or passing your Moran ass on the shoulder!

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