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Report: Ride-share driver attacked after asking passenger to stop smoking

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

lyftSEATTLE – A ride-share driver with the popular service Lyft was punched in the face Monday after asking a passenger to stop smoking in his vehicle reported

The driver reportedly posted about the incident in a Facebook community for Lyft operators and wrote that the punch had broken his nose. reported that the driver also posted a photo showing his bloody nose.

Lyft corporate released a statement to saying that they had been informed about the injured driver and that they were in “close contact” with him.

The statement to also said:

“The passenger was immediately deactivated from using Lyft and has been blocked from creating future accounts on the platform. The safety of our community members is always our top priority, and we will continue to stay in close touch with this driver.” compares Lyft cars with licensed taxi cabs which have hard plastic windows between drivers and passengers for these kinds of reasons.

Lyft drivers use their own vehicles and are paid by credit card through an app.

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  • Jack

    The cops were on the scene. The driver spend the day in ER, he has fracture in his nasal bone and is going in for surgery next week. The SPD has still not arrested the attacker.

  • Irving Glick

    Of course since most TNC (Lyft-Sidecar-Uber)Drivers fail to properly license themselves or fail to pay Taxes, it is extremely doubtful that the Driver is covered by Workmans Compensation. Of course State Law mandates these Drivers be covered. Also all For Hire Vehicles in Seattle have Security Cameras for everyones protection.