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Proposed cycle track threatens parking, angers many

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

bicycleSEATTLE — A proposed bicycle track on Westlake Avenue North is angering several business owners near Lake Union because it might reduce parking in the area, but the city says it is needed for the safety of everyone along the corridor.

The proposed 1.2 mile cycle track would run along Westlake Avenue North. The Seattle Department of Transportation says it will likely cost $3.5 million dollars to construct.

SDOT says parking spaces might be removed to make room for the proposed track but business owners along Lake Union say they need the parking to stay afloat.

Craig Gillespie owns the Scuba school on Westlake Avenue North and he thinks cyclists should use the bike path on Dexter instead of Westlake. “If they choose to ride here when they have the option a street a block over that has a bike path that’s their choice,” Gillespie said.  “It doesn’t mean we need another bike path for them it means they need to use the one that’s already constructed for them.”

There is a Public Open House on May 21st, between 5:30-8 PM at the Fremont Studios , located at 155 N 35th St.

Construction won’t likely begin until late 2015.

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  • cwl

    Disrupt the lives of thousands so that one bike can have its own path! What a joke! 9 out of 10 bikers are jack asses!!!

  • Ted

    3.5 million on a bike path, but cut funding to education. After all the cuts we’ve suffered, since Nixon, you’re going to see thing get alot worse. I think these ‘special republicans’ grew up thinking all the other kids were ‘smarty pants’ and the repubs were right. ((( (( (SCANDAL MANIA ) )) ))) … ((( ((( ( BENGHASI ) )) ))) … ((( (( ( OBAMACARE ) )) )))

  • ---

    I'd like bicyclists, pedestrians, and cars to all be safe on WestlakeAve N – and if that were what it took, losing a little bit of parking might be acceptable – but none of the currently proposed arrangements for the cycle track actually accomplish this, they disrupt a space that is very highly used by marinas, commercial interests, visitors, small businesses and other facilities, and while doing that, don't actually solve the safety issues. And to be clear, in this case the bicycles going at high speed are a danger to pedestrians, this is not just about bicyclist safety. I say this as someone who lives and works on Westlake Ave N, and has done so for the past decade. I would encourage folks to go to the open house to help participate in the debate in a reasonable and civil manner. And in the meantime, everybody ride safely, and please do it at a reasonable speed, I had to provide first aid recently for a child walking up the stairs from a swimming lesson who was hit by a bicyclist going too fast.

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