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Ninja Cat to throw out first pitch, drop hockey puck on ‘Hero Tour’

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Family cat defends Bakersfield boy who was attacked by a neighborhood dog

BAKERSFIELD — Like any popular hero, Trina the cat is taking a hero’s victory lap around Bakersfield, Calif., less than a week after helping save a boy from a vicious dog attack.

After dozens on-camera interview, Trina the tabby will be throwing out the first pitch at the Bakersfield Blaze minor league baseball game on May 20. With the help of her owner Roger Triantafilo, of course.

The Bakersfield Condors announced Trina would also drop the first puck for Game 3 of the minor league hockey league playoffs Friday night.

This all follows Tina’s appearance on the Today Show Thursday morning.

Trina rocketed to viral fame this week after security surveillance video footage of the cat knocking over the neighbor’s dog to protect Triantafilos’ 4-year-old son went viral. The boy received stitches from the dog bite, and the cat received praise for its action.

“Tara is my hero,” the 4-year-old told a local news station.

In an interview with “Inside Edition,” his father agreed, also called Tara a hero for putting “herself first.”

“We’re really grateful … we’re really lucky the way it turned out,” Roger Triantafilo said. “If she hadn’t intervened it would have been possibly worse.”

As Tara gets ready to throw out the first pitch, mean dogs take heed:  Don’t head down to the Blaze game on Tuesday night.


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  • The other Ted not the dork

    You morons didn’t watch the video, that pitbull was going to rip that kids leg off. If that cat was any later that kid would have lost a limb or just outright killed. Pitbulls, go figure. Americans are stupid, we already know these dogs are batshit, and it’s time to put this one down. He cost this tiny kid ten stiches. You clowns who don’t read or don’t watch are always the first ones with the idiotic comments.