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Bed bug infestation at Seatac apartment complex

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

BedBugsSEATAC — It’s a nasty problem. Bed bugs and neighbors at the Landing at Angle Lake Apartment complex in Seatac say they’re fighting an infestation.

“I laid down and one was next to my cheek on my pillow and I immediately jumped up and ripped my sheet off and three scattered from underneath me so I think they were feeding at the time,” Said a tenant that asked that we conceal her identity.

That’s when she knew she had a problem and she says it’s only gotten worse.

“I have nowhere else to stay. I’m sleeping in my car tonight because I’m obviously not sleeping in this infested bed,” the tenant said.

She asked that we conceal her identity, but she was happy to show us the bed bugs.

“There’s a problem going on,” she said.

Cheryl Talbert has no problem showing her face, because she is fed up and has nowhere to turn for help.

“I actually got bed bugs on August 14th of 2013. I found out that the two neighbors; well the neighbor down here had had them since April 2013. The ones above say they’ve had them all year and then the one above that said he had them since April 2012,” tenant Cheryl Talbert said.

Talbert says several units have been treated for a bed bug infestation, but she says unless they treat the entire building, the bed bugs will simply move from one unit to another.

“We actually found seven bed bugs at that time and that was after all the pesticide that were sprayed,” Talbert said.

In the dumpsters outside mattresses have been tossed.

Neighbors say because of the bed bug problem.

Neighbors also say along with failing to do anything about the problem, management won’t help with relocation.

Some are seeking legal advice about what to do next.

“There’s still bed bugs here and I’ve gotten no email, no phone call, no response at all and the sad thing is most of us out here we don’t have a lot of money. We can’t afford an attorney. It’s hard to find an attorney that will take it on a contingency matter, which is what we need,” Talbert said.

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  • Fake Name

    Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth (with Diatoms in it) This kills bed bugs. You can buy it online.
    I got mine from Amazon (Wolf Creek Ranch) This is not an ad. Make sure it's food grade/ Don't get Industrial Grade.

    • Tigger

      I was one of the victims at this complex. The problem with personal treatment is that they will just return. The entire building is horribly infested with them! They kept treating one unit at a time, so we were told that the bed bugs were likely traveling through the vents between units. Our unit was treated, then we moved. Then we found out they came back because the whole building wasn’t done at once. It is this ongoing cycle that this current manager has decided not to bother herself with. Instead, she is costing her company more and more for multiple treatments in multiple units. It’s not about needing a solution. We know the solution. It needs to be DONE.

  • angeldove

    Spray rubbing alcohol everywhere then do the diatomaceous earth (you have to spray it like a dust). You have to make sure that you get into the floorboards and leave it for like 3 days. Then vacumn.

  • Kellan

    Q13, Please do a follow up on this. The Residents at that complex are treated so poorly. They need your help.
    Thank You, Kellan

  • Anonymous

    This is a very unfortunate situation. Many families are being effected. Families have been forced to relocate and dispose of personal belongings/furniture at their own expense. This complex is willing to collect our rent but leaves us with an uninhabitable place to live. When we asked about being placed into a hotel while they try to fix this issue we were told that the regional manager is unwilling to make these accommodations. This has left us sleeping in our cars with no where else to go. It’s unfortunate that the management hasn’t solved this problem when it first occurred (2011) and that we have to resort to extreme measures to have our voices heard. Laws are laws, we’ll see what the courts think..

  • Cheryl

    The sad thing is no one has enforced the law on this complex. By law they have 10 days to resolve the problem but its been going on since 2011? Who do you turn to in order to get the law enforced? Are there pro bono or contingency attorneys who would take this problem on. Seattle is rated no. 13 in the country with bedbug problems. If anyone at the complex has this problem or used to live here and had this problem please contact channel 13. Thanks to Fox for caring to show people there is a problem. Hopefully everyone will get the help that they need. There are alot of people who cannot have pesticides sprayed and alcohol cleaning is out of the question. I know I would have a respitory problem when I come into contact with these agents. I cannot breathe. Heating the building up is the only way to get rid of the pests. Its to bad its so expensive for everyone envolved.

  • pest control experts

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