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Ready to pay more for ferry trips?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

FerrySEATTLE – Those who use the Washington State Ferries will be hit with a double fare increase starting today.

Annual peak-season surcharges begin today. That means a 25 percent surcharge will be added to all single-use passenger and driver tickets.  In the San Juan Islands, a 35 percent surcharge is added to tickets.

Customers using multi-ride tickets are exempt from the surcharge.

The peak-season surcharges remain in effect until September 30th.

But in addition to the annual summer increase, a new across-the-board fare increase goes into effect today.

It’s part of a two-year fare increase approved by the Washington State Transportation Commission.

Passengers can expect to see general fares increase by 2 percent and vehicle fares increase by 2.5 percent.

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  • Guest Speaker

    So how about the WSTC just leaving these increases in effect indefinitely and stop forcing all Washington state taxpayers to subsidize a transportation luxury that benefits the few people that choose island lifestyles?

    The people who benefit from the service can support it when they use it.

  • Ted

    It goes straight to liberal democrats greedy pockets and silly programs. Democrats will never stop spending and taking more money. They won't stop until they are out of office. Under democrats, everything will be taxed. There wil be tolls in every road and constantly increased license fees for everything. This is what they do. They want some bleeding heart program so they make is all pay for it instead of cutting back another program to pay for it.

    This is why all college kids are democrats. When they grow up, get a house and have to start laying for all the garbage, they become republican real quick like.