Parents upset teenage sex offender rides school bus with younger kids

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

A school bus in the Sedro-Woolley School District. (Photo: KCPQ-TV)

SEDRO-WOOLLEY, Wash. — A couple is outraged after discovering that a registered level II sex offender has been riding the school bus with not only his classmates but with kids a lot younger.

Q13 Fox News is not naming or showing the sex offender because he was convicted as a juvenile.

Sonja and Jason Loop said the Sedro-Woolley School district is failing to protect their kids.

“It’s like a dog circling its tail; nobody wants to take responsibility,” said Sonja Loop, who is a school bus driver for the district.

She said she recently overheard another driver talking about a sex offender on one of their buses. She said she discovered not only was it true, but the 16-year-old sex offender was riding the same bus as her 13-year-old daughter.

“That’s scary stuff,” Sonja said.

Currently, high school students and junior high kids as young as 12 ride the same buses in the district.

“She (the daughter) was getting uncomfortable with him implying he wanted to date her. He has not stopped calling her; he called her 23 times in one week,” Sonja said.

The concerned parents are demanding to know why the teen who pleaded guilty to raping a 4-year-old  child in 2011 in Anacortes was allowed to ride the bus in the first place.

The state Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction states this on its website: “Juvenile sex offenders in Washington have a continued right to a public education after their conviction, and many return to public schools after periods of confinement.”

Jason Loops said, “We all want him to rehabilitate, but you are not giving him an opportunity to succeed and you are also putting other kids who are riding those buses in danger.”

Sonya reported the finding to her supervisor, the director of transportation for the school district, but the couple said it’s been difficult to get any answers from the superintendent’s office.

“I want to protect my kids. And if myself and my wife didn’t know this information, how many mothers and fathers … out there don’t know this information?” Jason asked.

“Why did the district not pursue it more and ask more questions?” Sonja asked.

The Loops have yanked their kids off the bus and obtained a temporary restraining order against the 16-year-old so he can no longer have any contact with their daughter.

Q13 Fox News reached out to the school district’s superintendent’s office and the principal of Sedro-Woolley High School multiple times since Friday.  No one has returned repeated calls and emails.

The Skagit County Sheriff’s Office said it just launched an investigation into the teenage sex offender but would not tell Q13 FOX News what the focus is of that investigation.

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  • Patricia Hickox

    I think he should be thrown off the Bus and he should have to face charges if found he broke laws and never ride School busses again he is Sex offender

  • Ted

    Wow! This is where you ask “How did this happen?” Are these administrators just lazy? Are they afraid to act? Does another little girl have to get hurt, before they will act? What the hell is wrong with these people?

  • Advocate

    This article highlights the importance of critical planning and discussion when reintroducing sexual offenders of any age back into the community. While juvenile offenders "have a continued right to a public education after their conviction," their rights should not be placed above the safety of other children. Provisions can and should be put in place to guarantee the safety of other students while still providing for the education of the juvenile offender.

  • gloria

    well a few years back you guys selected a sex offender as volunteer of the year . so why should they start protecting your children now.

  • Memyselfani

    So what do you think a school of boys an girls would say or do to him if they knew.
    Do you know there is a special schools for them in the area.
    It's sad that most do not care it's just a story in one ear out the other.

  • SumDumGai

    they need to make a school just for people like that or a facility for them. i don't want sex offenders anywhere near my children. wait till the news about him spreads through out the school. he's 16. the other students will take matters into their own hands. when they have a murder at school then lets see what they say about having sex offenders being around school. i'm more surprised he is even allowed to come onto school grounds where he can prey on more potential victims. what is that principle thinking??? this should have come to the attention of the PTA.

  • I've been there.

    Well in my opinion if he hasn't learned from his mistakes and repeatedly offended he should not ride the bus. But if he has done his treatment like he should and learned how to control himself and do whats right he should be allowed to have a second chance. I mean if he was in confinement for who knows how long it kind of hurts him and his family from their point of view. In Missouri you don't get that chance. I was there and you either got a 6-18 or more month to year program or jail. The program sucks you as the offender leave your family and don't get to see them until weekends. Plus you don't get the benefits of home, you are always around 12 more guys 24-7 no matter what you do. You have no privacy someone is always watching you. It drives you insane. I think based on his behavior hes lucky to go back to school. But if he straightens his behavior and does right then hes lucky to be living in Washington.

  • Cynthia

    If he’s in compliance he has a right to an education the same as anyone. That said, I’m wondering how 23 calls to a girl 3 years younger than he is can be within compliance? Why weren’t his neighbors notified of a sex offender in their area? Isn’t that a law?! When I lived in Thurston County notices were sent out in juvenile cases. Has something changed? Or is he possibly on a deferment program now available that keeps him off the sex offender roles? They do exist though most people don’t know that. I was in possession of a notice sent to neighbors, but the guy is not on the web site! There are secrets being kept apparently, and I for one don’t think it is right!

  • Negrodamus

    So just because you are afraid of what goes bump in the night, you will continue to throw stones at this kid.

    You Americans are unworthy to be part of the human race, show compassion and love, every human sins and commits crimes everyone including you. However everyone deserves a chance to repent and change themselves for the good, even murders and rapist.

    You see why the rest of the world hates you and wishes your destruction.. Barbarians all of you.

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