Documents: Mom arrested in hospital kidnapping wanted son to ‘die in her arms’

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Bret Bohn

Bret Bohn from the Facebook Group Free Bret Bohn.

SEATTLE — The mother of a 27-year-old man suffering from a severe brain infection was arrested after allegedly kidnapping him from the hospital, hoping to remove him from psychoactive drugs and allow him to “die in her arms,” court documents show.

Lorraine Phillips, an Alaska native, was arrested Friday at an area hospital on suspicion of kidnapping her hospitalized son. She is expected to be formally charged Wednesday in King County Court.

alaska couple

Lorraine Phillips being interviewed by Q13 FOX News reporter Dana Rebik

The case — a convoluted affair that seems to pit medical science against religious parents who prefer their son decline medicine– began when 27-year-old Bret Bohn experienced insomnia, hallucinations and seizures back in October. Bohn, a native of Anchorage, Alaska, was taken to the hospital where he was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis, an infection of the brain.

Bohn’s condition quickly worsened, court documents show, and his parents Phillips and Glen Bohn disagreed with the treatment he was given at the hospital, believing it was causing him more harm than good. Court documents show that Phillips intentionally interrupted Bohn’s physical care and jeopardized his life through her belief.

But Contrary the court’s claims, Phillips told an Alaska news station she never tried to harm her son, and just disagreed with the Anchorage hospital’s care of Bohn.

“It’s not just frustrating to us,” Bohn said. “It’s frustrating to his sister, his brothers, to his friends. It’s all devastating.”

A Facebook Group named “Free Bret Bohn” was set up in an effort to remove Bohn from the hospital. The group is laden with bible quotes and religious references , and seems to revolve around Phillips’ and others distaste of psychoactive drugs.

In December, Phillips’ legal counsel came forward to police saying Phillips spoke of taking her son from the hospital, having him “die in her arms” and “hopes he kills himself,” court documents show. The court, taking these allegations seriously, remanded Bohn as a ward of the state, evidence that Bohn’s parents were a danger to him. Their ability to visit Bohn in the hospital was revoked.

In late March, Bohn was transferred from Alaska to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle to undergo more treatment. Bohn’s parents followed him to Seattle, court documents show.

On April 22, Bohn was being wheeled into a hospital elevator and in an effort to transfer him to a different room. As a staff member wheeled Bohn into an elevator, the staffer reported feeling a huge push from behind as the doors were shutting. The nurse flew out of the elevator and fell on the ground as elevator doors shut, documents show.

Bohn was never delivered to his intended location, and it was believed he was kidnapped by his parents, who were known to be staying at a hotel in the area.

Since Bohn was considered an “endangered missing adult,” police drove to the Collegianna Inn where Bohn’s parents were staying. They then received a credible tip that Bohn was taken to the Neighborhood Clinic in Seattle. There, police arrested Phillip’s for suspicion of kidnapping. Bohn was taken back to Harborview Medical Center for more treatment.

According to police, Phillips admitted to taking Bohn away from the hospital, and only taking him back to the Neighborhood Clinic where she intended to ham him treated for drug withdrawl.

Phillips is expected to be charged Wednesday. According to the Free Bret Bohn Facebook group, Phillips was released from jail.

Despite the pending charges, Phillips previously told the Alaska news station that allegations against her and her husband were false. James Gottstein, the president of the Anchorage-based advocacy group PsychRights, said it’s not uncommon for a patient to be remanded of the state if their guardians’ ideas of healthcare differ from the hospitals’.

“You’ve got someone that’s disturbed or disturbed or disturbing and they say “Well we want you to do this,” and if the person says, ‘No, I don’t want to do it,’ or,’ Let’s talk about it,’ it’s like, ‘No we don’t have time to talk about it. Say yes or we’ll make you do it.'”

This story will be updated on Q13 FOX News at 4 and 5 p.m.

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  • spellchecker

    umm spellcheck your article am I the only one who sees a problem with the following sentence fragment I copied directly from the article

    ham him treated for drug withdrawl.

    1. is at the beginning should be obvious. 2. you spelled withdrawal wrong

  • JennyJustice

    Either spelling is correct and withdrawl is more commonly used. That said, theoretically the boy should be allowed to die in his own home with his family. But in order to do that, laws need to be changed. Take action and write your congressman – get involved with your state's legislation. We don't get to break the rules when we disagree with them. All we can do is work for change.

    • Alice

      Jenny, you wrote:
      “That said, theoretically the boy should be allowed to die in his own home with his family.”

      I believe the parent’s position is that it is the drugs that are killing their son or turning him into a vegetable. Research wise, there’s a multitude of doctors across the country that would agree with them in their position. The impression that I’ve gotten from what I’ve read, they believe along the lines of, that the doctors are using him as a human guinea pig. (Not unheard of in the medical profession)

      You wrote: “But in order to do that, laws need to be changed.”

      Therein lies the rub…. What unconstitutional laws were made that placed doctors in the position as gods where our Bill of Rights were thrown out the window? No matter how you want to slice it, this practice is tyrannical and diametrically opposed to our Constitution and our freedom. Worse, this young man is NOT an isolated case. I’m reading about this happening across the country.

      At what point do we admit that we’re only operating under a façade of freedom when you’ve got hospitals that can call the police, the police automatically enforce and then a judge automatically sides with the hospital and a person looses their freedom? Worse, there’s been investigative reports that the motivation for the hospital may all boil down to grant money. So far, all of the cases that I’ve read about have been happening in teaching hospitals where they depend on grant and research money. (please see the links I provided in my comment, above)

      Picture this, you, or someone you love is admitted to the hospital. The doctor wants to treat you with something that you don’t want and you want a second opinion. Or, you figure out that it’s experimental by either researching it yourself, or, the doctor tells you. Either way, you don’t want to go along with the treatment. What unconstitutional laws were written that made it unlawful to say ‘NO’?

      Take this scenario above and then consider, unbeknownst, to you, the hospital NEEDS human guinea pigs to use and their grant money depends on gathering bodies to use. Doctor is infuriated that patient or patient’s family will not give their permission. Easy peesy, no problem, we’ll force them with all power of the state. (please see the quote in my comment above where the hospital did it so regularly they even coined a name for the term, “parent-ectomy”. That, is no less tyrannical than what has been practiced in tyrannies all through history. If people, once kidnapped, do not have any recourse being the police obey the institution’s request and then a judge backs it up, what does that say about us being a free people?

      Our Constitution IS the Law of the Land. However, if we’ve got bureaucracies and state institutions that act outside of the Constitution, then they are the ones breaking the law in acting like tyrants and common criminals.

      You wrote: “All we can do is work for change.”

      Please, think back through history, or, even current day in countries like N. Korea where the people are enslaved. How well would your solution work? If we’ve got institutions and government bureaucracies that regularly thumb their nose at the rule of law, (our Constitution) we’re, in reality, living in a tyranny.

      Please, give some thoughts to the quotes below.

      “When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny.” (not sure about author… I’ve read that Jefferson didn’t really say this)

      James Madison wrote, “The free men of America did not wait till usurped power had strengthened itself by exercise, and entagled the question in precedents. They saw all the consequences in the principle, and they avoided the consequences by denying the principle. We revere this lesson too much soon to forget it.”

  • Alice

    More quotes (food for thought) that didn't fit in my comment above:

    Rightful liberty is unobstructed action according to our will within limits drawn around us by the equal rights of others. I do not add within the limits of the law because law is often but the tyrant’s will, and always so when it violates the rights of the individual.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    In his Notes on Virginia, Thomas Jefferson wrote, “The purpose of a written constitution is to bind up the several branches of government by certain laws, which, when they transgress, their acts shall become nullities; to render unnecessary an appeal to the people, or in other words a rebellion, on every infraction of their rights, on the peril that their acquiescence shall be construed into an intention to surrender those rights.”

    From the Liberty Letters, 1771, Samuel Adams declared, “The liberties of our country, the freedom of our civil constitution are worth defending at all hazards; and it is our duty to defend them against all attacks. We have received them as a fair inheritance from our worthy ancestors: they purchased them for us with toil and danger and expense of treasure and blood, and transmitted them to us with care and diligence. It will bring an everlasting mark of infamy on the present generation, enlightened as it is, if we should suffer them to be wrested from us by violence without a struggle, or be cheated out of them by the artifices of false and designing men.”

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