King County executive says drastic Metro Bus cuts imminent

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Metro Bus spending cuts are imminent, King County Executives say

SEATTLE — Metro bus routes are likely to be slashed after early election results show voters rejecting a car tab and sales tax increase to fund King County Metro, and riders this morning were upset with the results.

Early results show 55% of King County voters were against the controversial measure while 45% of voters were in favor. Proposition 1 would add an additional $60 car tab fee and add a tenth of a cent sales tax.

Officials say this would have raised millions of dollars to keep Metro buses running and now cuts are likely to come soon. County Executive Dow Constantine says he will draw up a plan to cut 16% of the service. This plan will likely eliminate 72 routes and reduce another 84.

Constantine estimates the cuts will add another 30-40,000 vehicles on the roads as riders are forced off the bus and find other transportation to work.

This morning, several King County Metro riders were very unhappy with the results.

Cara Whitmire said, “I think public transportation is important any way. But if I have to I can drive but it’s also….if you work downtown it’s a lot more expensive so that’s kind of rough on everybody.”

Molly Sharp agrees. “I do have a car but I would really rather not take it. It certainly saves money. It’s much better for the environment to be taking the bus and it’s a great option,” Sharp said.

New results are expected from the King County Election Commission this afternoon.

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  • guest

    metro, like all other government run entities spends recklessly because they have such a huge budget. get control of the wasteful spending and you will solve your budget problems by pure accident instead of bleeding the taxpayers.

  • j dougls

    Rather than threaten the public the council should spent Peoples TAX money within a budget approved by the Public, if they are unable to keep the busses running with the current routes let the PEOPLE see what and how it was planned when the routes were establish and what is causing the shortage, it is strange that the council is raising cost when there is thousand of people riding them and Paying for them,,, Where is OUR TAX MONEY going, WHERE is the money GOING. If the CONCIL is unable to keep with in the budget and the transit running they should be find and remove from position, this should be upheld through out the Government positions, and be responsible for wasting PEOPLE TAX MONEY. Politician's never have cared about raising taxes because People are their bank. Just like our previous State Governor BRAGGED about RAISING TAXES and she think we should bow down to her,,,,,for it… She should be Charged with waste of PEOPLES TAX money

  • Kit

    King Co should cut welfare instead of the bus service. Taxpayers are funding under age mothers that don't contribute to society. People need buses to get to work. Traffic is awful already. Pot holes everywhere need to be repaired.

  • Guest

    The government needs to stop forcing taxpayers to subsidize the fares on ALL public transportation and start charging the users the REAL cost of fares and suddenly like magic the need for higher taxes will no longer be necessary to pay for public transportation.

    The government can then work on keeping cost down through efficiency and thus keeping fares as low as they can.

    But, of course it is so much easier to raise taxes until the taxpayers vote No! Enough is enough!

    I am proud to see that the taxpayers have made a statement with this no vote.

    Go Democracy!