Weekend closures, lane restrictions impact SR 99, I-5 and I-90

In Darrington, mixed reaction to Obama visit

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

DARRINGTONCROSSDARRINGTON — Inside the Mountain View Baptist Church, nestled in the heart of Darrington, a pastor has carried the community’s grief on his shoulders.

“My neighbor’s son was down there. He was lost, a good friend of mine was lost,” said pastor Michael Duncan.

The mudslide took lives and the livelihood of residents here, cutting off this small town from what feels like the rest of the world.

One resident, Sharon Jensen, said of the president’s visit Tuesday: “I think he (Obama) should have been here right away when the disaster hit and not waited around.”

With Highway 530 closed and only one gas station in town, the cost of commuting is taking its toll. What once was a 45-minute drive has become 2 ½ hours.

“I don’t like that feeling of being isolated. I love it up here, but I don’t like that feeling,” said Jensen. “It’s like any disaster, they don’t hurry. I think they should because there’s people’s lives involved.”

Duncan is just happy the president did make a visit, taking in what’s been lost and the impact on so many families.

“If they want to take a suggestion, build a new road and focus on getting a bypass in as soon as possible. Help us find a way to get back to a sense of normal life again,” said Duncan.

He added that at 7 p.m. Thursday, the Washington State Department of Transportation will meet with Darrington residents to talk about rebuilding Highway 530.







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  • smeggingnuts

    If the President had come right away that would have taken away from searching for survivers and victims. By waiting search and rescue and the community were able to devote themselves entirely to that purpose. And also the media was able to focus on what was important in the aftermath, the victims not whether the president came to show his support at the perfect time, or some other stupid political nonsense that doesn’t matter. What maters was the victims, their families and the community were able to pull together with out needless distractions.

  • King James

    It was good he didn't show before now. What could he have done besides get in the way. I see people bitch'n about the millions spent to come here. This was a lay over for him going to Japan? SO, I don't think much more money was spent that was already going to be spent. It was the 1 month mark, it was a good time for him to show. WHAT was most important was 29-30 days ago he signed what ever was singed to declare whatever it was to get FEMA and emergency funds flowing..