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12-year-old Boy Scout killed when large log rolls over him in Olympic N.P.

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

LILLIWAUP – A 12-year old Boy Scout from Silverdale was killed when a large log rolled over him in the Olympic National Park Saturday.

Jefferson County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Joe Nole confimed the fatal accident.  Nole said that the boy was with 9 other boys and 4 adults, all on a weekend scout outing. The group arrived at the Lake Lena camp ground Friday night.


Olympic National Park –

Just after 9 a.m. Saturday Jefferson County 911 was alerted to the accident.  Nole said that the victim and three other boys had tried to roll a large log into Lake Lena down a steep slope strewn with boulders.  Somehow, as the log rolled it caught the boy’s jacket and rolled over him.  The other Scouts, including the victim’s older brother, ran back to the camp ground to tell the adult group leaders, Nole said.

One of the adults then hiked three miles to the trail head, got in his car and drove 6 miles to where there was cell phone coverage.  The adult then called 911.

The trail runs from Mason County into Jefferson County, Nole said.  Search and rescue teams from three counties responded to the scene, to carry the injured boy down the mountain, the Sheriff’s office said.

The boy’s father, a doctor, tried to administer CPR to his son, who had suffered a major head injury.  When rescue teams reached the boy he reportedly had no pulse.  The boy was pronounced dead.

Nole said that the boy’s body is with the Jefferson County coroner’s office.

The boys name is not being released because of his age.



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    • King James

      Like what? The boy got a big ol' log rolled over him and he suffered a head injury… and it sounds like his Dad had to watch him die in his arms… What's the something you talking about?

        • Tarina

          I recall this story stating that a boy was hiking with his dad when a tree limb fell on him…which is bizarre that it’s a completely different story now…

  • Gina Forbush

    My heart is breaking for every one of the boys in the troop especially for his older brother, father and mother. Our son has hiked that very trail with his boyscout troop, the boys come home filthy and full of good time stories… heart is in pieces as a mother. Praying for everyone

  • gary

    The Seattle Times reported a tree fell on the boy, that's it.
    Ch. 13 reports a tree rolled over him and he was with his B.S. troop.
    One organization should offer a retraction and confess to very poor reporting.

    • guest

      quality of news reporting has gone down the toilet with the rush to report something before the competition whether it be right or not. They don't even care about spelling or grammar anymore

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