Family of soldier killed by Pierce County sheriff’s deputy wants answers

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Brian McLeod, 25, was killed by a Pierce County sheriff’s deputy on March 21 after police responded to a disturbance call.

TACOMA — The family of 25-year-old Brian McLeod is holding a rally outside the Pierce County Courthouse from 1-4 p.m. Thursday wanting answers to the circumstances surrounding McLeod’s death.

The former JBLM soldier was shot and killed by a Pierce County Deputy on March 21 at his apartment complex in University Place. The Sheriff’s Office says McLeod and a friend were arguing and hitting each other with frying pans. When the deputy and a Fircrest Police officer arrived, they say one man ran out into the parking lot and that McLeod followed, holding a loaded shotgun and pointing it at his friend’s head.

Ed Troyer with the Pierce County Sheriff’s Office says the officers ordered McLeod to drop the gun and at some point, the deputy fired at least one shot, striking the victim. McLeod died at the scene.

McLeod’s family and attorney Karl Williams believe bullets were fired through the door and screen door and that Brian may have been inside his apartment when he was shot.

They requested an inquest, or independent investigation, into McLeod’s death which was not granted.

Pierce County Prosecutor Mark Lindquist said by phone, “At this point there is nothing about this investigation that would call for an inquest. We are going to follow protocol and wait for this investigation to be completed.

If and only if there is something flawed about the investigation would we call for an inquest.”

The last time an inquest occurred in Pierce County was 2005, when officers were not cooperating with an investigation according to Lindquist.

It’s a more common practice in King County, where a statute requires an inquest any time someone dies in law enforcement custody or during an officer involved shooting like this.

We’ll have more on this story on Q13 FOX News at 4:00 and 5:00.


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  • Elgin Briggs

    I am the one that was there. My name is Elgin Briggs. We were not hitting each other with frying pans. He tried to hit me with a frying pan. The confrontation never left the house. Brian never pointed the gun at me. When I left the house he didn’t even have the gun. When I came out of the house I was met by two police officers that instructed me to get on the ground. As they approached the house is when Brian opened the door with his shotgun in hand. Brian never got to leave the house. I could not see Brian because the officers where in my way. The officer fired recklessly into the building without care of other tenants that were in the building. Brian was shot four times and there were several other bullet holes found inside the doors and walls. The simple fact that the officer fired so many times just goes to show the reckless nature of that individual.

  • josh

    so you saw him open the door with his shotgun but couldnt see him because the officer was in the way? your story makes no sense, how can you know he didnt leave the house if you couldnt see him?

    • Elgin Briggs

      I didn’t say I saw Brian open the door with his shotgun I just said when. Also the bullet holes in the door as well as the spatter which was inside the house show that he was shot inside. The point here is that there are many conflicting stories. Each media source says the story a different way. But I the one and only witness, aswell as the evidence am telling you that Brian was shot inside his own home. You don’t have to believe me, however an inquest would let the evidence speak for itself.

  • Liz

    Brian was a good man, what is wrong with giving an inquest if you have nothing to hide? His wife needs closure for her peace of mind. He served our country to save us put his own life on the line and didn't ask for nothing in return so whats the problem here. In my opinion the police are covering up the truth. You can't say police never lie to protect themselves that would be putting blinders on. Wake up people if it was your family member wouldn't you want Justice?