Religious university denies transgender student’s dorm request

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Jayce M.

Jayce M. a transgender student, wants to live in the all-male dorms

NEWBERG, Ore. — A transgender college student is fighting with an Oregon university after the school originally denied his request to relocate into the school’s male-only dorms, reports.

According to KPTV, Jayce M. previously lived in the all female dorms on campus at George Fox University. Joyce — who identifies as a male –requested to live in the all male dorms with his friends. But the school has so far denied his request.

“George Fox strives to be a Christ-centered community, and our residential facilities are single sex because of our theological commitments,” the university said in a release to KPTV. “The student’s request to switch from female-only on campus housing to male-only on campus housing is one many institutions would struggle with.”

The school originally stated that Jayce could live alone in a single room, or live off-campus. But Joyce wants to live with his friends in the all-male dorm.


Jayce and his attorney have filed a complaint with the Department of Education.

George Fox was founded for Quakers in 1885, and is ranked among some of the top private religious colleges in the U.S.

For more on this KPTV story, click here.

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  • Barbi

    I say no. I support people's choices to make alternative lifestyle decisions, however, as with all choices there are usually consequences. If you choose to live outside the societal norm, that is fine but you can't expect society to bow to your choices.

    • Brianna

      It's not a choice. It's a diagnosable medical condition. If he were here in WA state the school wouldn't be able to do this because we have laws against discrimination based on Sexual Orientation, which includes Gender Identity.

      I'm a trans woman, and I use the appropriate restrooms, dressing rooms, etc. There's plenty of things in either side within the same gender that you wish you could unsee as it is. Trans people generally don't run into a restroom or shower purposefully showing their bits and pieces around any more than you do. We're interested in using the restoom, showering, sleeping, etc the same as you.

      Plus, you forgot the homosexuals. They use the same facilities as you, and heck, they're interested in YOUR gender…

  • <?>

    Yes, the college should just bend in every direction to appease everyone no matter what. Great idea. Not. Time for a tent.

  • Bryan

    This is not a choice on his part to be this way. Assuming he has been diagnosed under the DSM with Gender Dysphoria or the ICD equivalent of Gender Identity Disorder, a recognized medical condition in every medical and psychological manual and by every professional medical association in the world, he is a male. This isn't some new thing. It's been a recognized medical condition for decades now; the first Standards of Care, which outline the process of therapy and physical changes for trans people was issued in 1979, is now on version 7, and internationally recognized as a medical procedure. We have viruses newer than this that we wouldn't discriminate based on; AIDS, H1N1, and on and on.

    This isn't about comfort or religious rights. You don't get to project your personal beliefs or discomfort with which facilities they will or won't use on him. This is who he is.

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