Can you help ID these suspected Sea-Tac luggage thieves?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — Thieves are stealing luggage at Sea-Tac Airport before travelers can even get to baggage claim, police say.

Investigators originally thought it was just a pair of thieves, but now even more suspects have been caught on camera. Now, Port of Seattle police need your help identifying all the suspects.

“We really, really do  like to catch these guys because they are such a pain to the police department and to the public,” said Commander Tony Anderson.

So Port of Seattle police are using plain-clothed officers to try to catch the thieves who are dressing like ordinary travelers.

“As the traffic volume increases during the summer months through Sea-Tac, you will see more bag thefts, often times simply because they’re a crime of opportunity,” Anderson said.

Unfortunately, theft in airports is a crime that happens all too often — especially when the weather warms up.

“Bag theft really affects a lot of people, particularly when you lose something of value that’s irreplaceable,” Anderson said.

According to airport officials, 25 million bags pass through Sea-Tac each year. Last year, 131 bags were reported stolen.

If you recognize any of these suspects, you will be paid for the information. Call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-TIPS.

Travel tips for packing bags:

  • Do NOT pack expensive items in checked luggage
  • Bags look alike, make yours identifiable
  • Be at the bag claim when your bags arrive after a flight – don’t stop for food/drink until after you get your bag
  • Thieves generally pick on bags left on the carousel after other passengers are gone.
  • Take a picture of what’s in your bag
  • Report any stolen items to police
Luggage thief suspect 7

(Photo: Port of Seattle)

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  • Josh T.

    What ever happened to using the baggage claim tickets? I remember a day when someone would check to see if your stub matched the tag on the bag you were walking away with. But then again, I remember when there were free, hot meals on flights and luggage was free to check…

  • Skip

    These must be some of the lowest bottom feeders in our community. What trash!

    This would be easy to solve if the police had the time and imagination.

  • David Smith

    Instead of regurgitating the same talking point every 10 minutes why not put someone on the phone to Sea-Tac security or Public Affairs office and get a statement as to why they don't secure the baggage clam area or check claim stubs? Did I hear the comment, "many bags are stolen even before the passengers are in the area"? It's a bad crime but feel free to upgrade the information with relevance and viewer interest.

  • The World is Ending

    The reason there is no security in the are is they are to busy playing 20,000 questions with children trying to get them to tell on their parents for something, anything even if it is not related to flying. I have read stories where Homeland security is investigating DUI's next they will be writing speeding and parking tickets, after all we have to get the evil guy who is a threat to national security you know the one that double parks.