Detectives: Masked man holds pot shop employees hostage, steals $15k in pot

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


GOLD BAR, Wash – Investigators in Snohomish County say a man with a mask broke into a medical marijuana dispensary off SR 2 Saturday morning and held three employees at gunpoint before stealing more than $15,000 in pot.

Detectives say the armed robbery happened around 8:00am at the dispensary in the 14500 block of SR 5.

The three employees held at gunpoint described the man as white, medium build, 5’10”, in his 20’s with blond hair and wearing a beanie on top of the black face mask.

Deputies said they searched the area after the man ran from the scene, but couldn’t find him. No one was hurt in the robbery, but police hope someone saw something and will provide a tip that leads to an arrest.

The Sheriff’s Office tip line is 425-388-3845.

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    • Travis

      Your so right…..we should close all the banks because we knew they could be robbed, don’t forget the pharmacies, and we better shut down the schools because there have been shootings, and lets criminalize driving because there are going to be wrecks.

  • Church

    Thank you, Travis. Common sense just seems to elude some people.
    This farce of a "Drug War", which has cost billions and much heartache, is soon to be done with for the most part.
    Reduction to schedule 3 is coming soon. The pattern is there.
    See you in Colorado!

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