Couldn’t get through to meet health care deadline? State offers do-over

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.


Americans Register For Health Care On Final Day of ACA Enrollment Drive

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

OLYMPIA — The Washington Health Benefit Exchange said Monday night “we will work” with state residents who, because of volume on the exchange’s website and on its toll-free number, were unable to sign up for Obamacare before the March 31 deadline.

“We recently issued a statement that clarified we are not extending the March 31 deadline for Washington State residents seeking coverage through our state-based insurance marketplace, Washington Healthplanfinder,” Richard Onizuka, chief executive officer of the exchange, said in a statement.  “However, we noted that those who were unable to complete their enrollment would have their applications considered on a case-by-case basis.

“Given the overwhelming interest and volume we have seen both online and at the toll-free Customer Support Center today, we will work with those who were unable to complete and pay for their coverage prior to the deadline, were unable to reach the toll-free Customer Support Center or experienced other technological barriers to completing enrollment.

“While the Exchange will contact affected customers directly who experienced system errors, customers should call 1-855-923-4633 or email to report their situation.”

The next open enrollment period for Washington state’s version of Obamacare will be from Nov. 15, 2014, to Feb. 15, 2015, for coverage that takes effect in 2015.



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    • Joe

      It's worse than paying for lazy losers; Obummer has now announced his plans to destroy U.S. national security now includes ccrapping tomahawk and Hellfire missile programs our two best systems that keep Americans from getting killed by fighting the enemy on equal terms..

      This loser Obama is a prankster planted by the communists to destroy us; just look at America's decline.

  • Joe

    Hey look at the positive news with this law that was rammed down with a one party rule and bunch of lies; those 6 million who were kicked of their insurance can get back obama care for only twice the price.

  • Skip

    The Republicans don't care about the average American. They only work for the wealthy. Paul Ryan wants to do away with social security and medicare and let you seniors, like Joe, rot in the street like a zombie TV show.

  • Ted

    You right wing-nuts have a big mouth, but there really aren’t that many of you. Insurance companys cancelled the policies because they were junk and couldn’t keep the laws standards. If having affordable healthcare bothers you so much maybe it’s time for you righty morons to come up with a plan of your own. Or is it your thinly valed racism the real reason you scream “END OF THE WORLD” every time our president makes a suggestion. I see no one in the GOP doing anything except obstruction. Shame on you!!! You cannot win the presidency, so you big babys just muck everything up. You can cheat your way through mid-terms, but you will never elect a president. Shame on you!!

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