Two off-duty Seattle firefighters accused of attack on homeless man in Pioneer Square

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SFD memorial Pioneer SqSEATTLE – Seattle Police arrested three people for attacking a sleeping, homeless man in Pioneer Square Saturday night.  Seattle Police and Fire Department sources confirm that two of those arrested were off-duty Seattle firefighters.  Seattle Fire Department Lt. Sue Stangl said that the two firefighters, both males, joined a female in attacking the homeless man around 6 p.m. who was reportedly sleeping on the Seattle Firefighters memorial in Pioneer Square.

During the attack the homeless man produced a knife and stabbed one of the firefighters, who was seriously hurt; medics transported the firefighter to Harborview Medical Center, where his condition is not known.  Seattle Police said that a witness saw the attack, which reportedly started when the woman yelled at the homeless man for sleeping on the memorial and proceeded to kick the man, the Seattle Times reported.

One of the off-duty firefighters picked up a stick and started hitting the victim, as the other firefighter joined in, the paper reported.  The second firefighter and the woman were not hurt.

Police arrested the woman and one of her companions, said Police Department spokeswoman Renee Witt.  Her other companion was not booked Saturday booked because of his injuries, she said.  Witt said all three suspects were reportedly intoxicated.

Witt said the homeless man was taken to the hospital, too, but Stangl said he refused treatment.

Stangl said that one of the firefighters has been with the Seattle Fire Department since 1999, the other since 1997.  One firefighter works at Fire Station 5 and last worked on March 13th.  The other firefighter works at Fire Station 32, but has been on disability since early January 2014.

Stangl didn’t identify either of the firefighters and she didn’t know if the firefighters would be disciplined, since they were both off- duty.

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  • Shannon Ferkingstad

    This is a disgrace. Fire these men. Don’t they take an oath to protect the community and lives.Fire them, charge ythem criminally and give this homeless man their pensions. Disgusting whst they took part in as a fire fighter they have to uphold standards. Suppose to be heroes.

  • Former Homeless

    I hope the judge throws the book at them for attacking the homeless man. Poor example of public servants that should know better regardless if they were drunk, it should never have happened.

  • redefinedslave

    My grandfather retired from Seattle Fire Department. If he were alive today, he'd be ashamed. This is NOT what he fought for. This is NOT what he stood for, nor any of the other firefighters that served with him. This SHOULD outrage the department, because these three intoxicated bullies represent the ENTIRE department, whether they were off duty or not. And whether you like it or not. Now the city looks at Firefighters, on the whole, as the bad guys, not just these three. Were I in the department, I'd be outraged.
    Kick a sleeping man? Take a stick to a homeless man who, according to the article, didn't do anything but defend himself. I'm sorry, but that firefighter who got injured got what he deserved – especially if he was the one taking the stick to the man. Not that homeless people are defenseless, but, seriously …if the man wasn't doing anything but sleeping, there was NO reason to attack him. Shame on you!

    • S_Hunter

      Thank you. SO FAR, not one negative comment for the homeless guy, I LOVE IT! Restores my faith in decency on this blog site. And, redefinedslave, I COULDN'T AGREE WITH YOU MORE!

  • Joridie

    Obviously the firefighter who is on disability really wasn't that disabled if he could beat a homeless man for sleeping… This is a disgrace and all three should be fired without a severance pay… Just flat out fired … no on leave with pay while we investigate… Seriously fire the lot… Seattle fire department had better not try to defend these three…

  • James

    That is the risk a homeless person leads when he/she sleep on the streets.Why don’t they move to LA, S.F., or Phoenix where the weather is better. Seattle needs homeless people like a prostitute needs the clap.

  • asdf

    james hows the life in make believe land were every thing is what you wanted ? some times you make the best of what you have and that's all you get maybe this passed out human being was asleep on the street because no one will give him a chance even if he tried AND ITS PEOPLE LIKE YOU THAT ARE HOLDING ARE RACE FROM FURTHERING ITS SELF YOUR A SICK INDIVIDUAL AND YOU HAVE A TWISTED WORLD PERSPECTIVE. HE WAS A HUMAN BEING MINDING HIS OWN DAMN BUSINESS. We can only hope that one day you your self are homeless and some one beats you while your asleep jerk off troll moron

  • Rob

    ok I get it.Drunk fighters started a fight with a homeless guy, they shouldn't have done that.

    What I don't understand is the level of vitriol in the comments. Wtf? Don't we have other things to be angry about? Is it because they are vaguely authority figures and Seattle has an anti-police general cultural sentiment? I have seen rapes that get less comments on this / capitol hill blog. Example:….

    In short: wut?

    • Ted

      The ‘vitriol’, comes from things, like this, that are happening all over America. The cops in southern cal., that beat that homeless guy to death while he screamed for his father. And the SPD has already been proven to be corrupt, and action is being taken.(anti police sentiment,….well deserved, they earned it) and now they have to clean their act up.

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