25-year-old mom accused of fatally beating 2-year-old daughter

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The home in Olympia where the 2-year-old child was found unresponsive and later died. Her death was ruled a homicide Wednesday. (Photo: KCPQ-TV/Seattle)

OLYMPIA — The 25-year-old mother of a 2-year-old girl has been accused of fatally beating her daughter.

A Thurston County Superior Court judge found probable cause Thursday to hold Monique Lynn Hachtel, 25, of Tanglewilde, on charges of second-degree murder/domestic violence and first-degree criminal mistreatment/domestic violence. Her bail was set at $750,000.

Kelsy Hachtel, 2, was found unresponsive Wednesday at her home in the 7700 block of 3rd Avenue SE in Tanglewilde. Kelsy was taken by medics to Providence St. Peter Hospital, where she was declared dead.

The Thurston County Coroner’s Office on Wednesday ruled the death a homicide, with the autopsy revealing that toddler had been assaulted and died of multiple internal injuries due to blunt force abdominal trauma.

The toddler’s mother was arrested Thursday morning.

In court documents, the prosecutor’s office said, “The autopsy revealed severe, fatal, injures to K.A.H. (Kelsy) including: a lacerated liver, contusions to her kidney and large intestine, and a fracture to her head.

“She had contusions on her face, arms, hands, abdomen, and head consistent with non-accidental trauma. The Pathologist stated the injuries likely occurred on February 19th or 20th and the child was ‘seriously sick’ and in pain throughout the weekend leading to her death on February 24th,” it said.

Her injuries were consistent with “being in a motor vehicle collision at 35 mph” according to court records.

The mother told police that a total of 11 people live in the house where she resides, but that she was the only adult in the home with Kelsy on Feb. 19-20 and is the only one who takes care of her children.  She said she noticed her daughter’s stomach was bloated and that she had a stomach ache last Friday and that she began vomiting a “dark liquid” last Sunday and Monday, but did not seek medical attention for her daughter, despite others in the house urging her to do so.

Early Tuesday morning, she told police, she noticed her daughter had stopped breathing and asked others in the house to call 911. Police said the emergency room doctor estimated the girl had been dead about an hour prior to the 911 call.

Others in the house said they had seen bruising on Kelsy, but that when her mother was asked about it, she always said she didn’t know how the child got the bruises, police said.

A sheriff’s detective said the mother showed very little emotion during her interview and was laughing and joking during the entire ride to the sheriff’s office. She also received a cell phone call and told her friend she would be done soon and they could “go out” after the police interview, the court documents said. Detectives also noted that the mother did not get into the ambulance with her daughter on Feb. 24 when she was taken to the hospital.

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  • Kit

    Makes one sick. This woman should be tried in court, sterilized and sent to prison for 30 years. Was she on welfare? Case workers should be investigated too.

  • Brian

    Take that so-called mother out back and shoot her. Isn't that what you do with sick animals? Put her down and save the tax-payers the time and expense. Easy-peasy.

  • Christina Sanchez-mendoza

    I think it is pethic try to blame someone else for her actions i knew this female of that’s what type want to call her. She is trying top blame the brother in law well news break it’s one of extra lies he lies wit mine asks Monday through yesterday they’re was no work stop he had been home and doesn’t have a car she needs top tale responsibility for her own actions. Everyone time i have this baby girl edge was happy yes she had bruises but i thought groom the other kids note mean and ruff housing Also she would say ours worry about my poem life and stay pic put hers

  • Kim H

    There is so much wrong with some "parents". How anyone could EVER harm a child is beyond me. CANNOT understand why one of the 11 other people couldn't pick up the phone and call 911. Our society is very sick. The only consolation I have is that this precious girl is at peace now. She likely had a horrible life from the day she was born……..

  • maxine

    this is why I believe in abortions for the women that have them are two kinds. one that known they can not having the best shot at life in this world for them. or they would be a bad mother and they are better off not born. But the women like this thing that had the child and not abortion is just that a thing. she not human she not animal she a thing. I fear this child didn't die fast, she suffer and wonder why she was born to this world. may God hold her in his arms and angels be with her for always. which one is worst the monster that kidnap rape and kill kids or the parents like this one. I think they stand toe to toe.

  • Bryant Ward

    Glad we don’t follow your Hitler-esque ways as she was found not guilty for the murder charge. All these people saying she should be killed. Good thing we have “due process” here or an innocent woman would have went down for Murder 2.

    • jocelyn

      I saw her on steve wilkos show she failed the tests! shes full of shit i hope she rots in hell for killing that little girl
      stupid dumb ugly big eye bug looking bitch!!

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