Chargers hold off Seahawks 24-14

M’s early woes already piling up

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PEORIA, Ari — As fans of Seattle sports, it’s often difficult to transition from the high-flying, complete Seattle Seahawks to the eternally struggling Seattle Mariners.

Oakland Athletics v Seattle MarinersAnd just a day after pitchers and catchers reported to Peoria, the bad news is already piling up.

The Seattle Times reported Thursday that M’s outfielder Franklin Gutierrez would not play for the entirety of the 2014 season.

Gutierrez, who has long been hampered with stomach ailments and leg injuries, called general manager Jack Zduriencik two days ago to tell him that a relapse in gastrointesstinal issues will cause him to miss the entire season.

Franklin was put on the restricted list, meaning he won’t get any of the $1 million contract he signed in the off-season.

But it’s not only woes with the Mariners’ outfield. Yesterday, the Tacoma News Tribune reported that Catcher Jesus Montero, a formally Top 10 prospect in Major League Baseball, showed up to camp overweight. Montero, who missed a large part of last year after a 50-game suspension due to steroid use, said he gained weight in his home country of Venezuela during the off-season.

“I gained a lot of weight in my country,” Montero told the News Tribune. “So, now, I’m on a program to lose weight.”

Montero’s weight announcement came before starting pitcher Hisahi Iwakuma said he would miss spring training, and perhaps more, with a throwing-hand finger strain. He’s not even allowed to pick up a baseball for the first three weeks of spring training, the Times reported.

Iwakuma, 32, went 14-6 last year with a 2.66 ERA.

All of this news comes only the second day into spring training. Position players haven’t even reported to camp yet.



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  • Brian Anthony

    Wow..shocking! Our Mariners struggling before the first Cactus League game! For my son and I it was at the half way point of last season that we both finally said we officially don't care anymore. We have endured enough losing seasons and misery to last a lifetime. We agreed to seek other teams in MLB to follow and care about. Seeing this story only confirms that our choice was correct. Don't call us band wagon fans either. I have watched in misery for 35 of the the 37 seasons and just can't take it anymore. I have always been a Hawks fan and will always be a Hawks fan to include the 2-14 seasons. The Hawks are SB Champs so who cares what the M's are doing!

    • Gary

      I feel your pain. Why have a baseball team that is miserable year after year. The owners and management need to get their heads out and try to put winning team together every once in awhile at least. The fans deserve at least that much, otherwise what the hell is the point? I hope to heck the Mariners organization learns something from what the Seahawks have been able to do the last few seasons. How much fun would it be to see the Mariners win the big one?

  • Clark

    Here we go again…but still looking forward to going to a few game, just hope that I pick the ones that they win..but it will be fun any way….Go Mareiners.

  • paul

    get rid of them if they can't take care of themselves during the off season then they need to be fired they are not children they are grown ass men and as for Gutierrez he has been issues since he got here might be time to let him go the catcher just needs to be fired and tell the pitcher to buck up and be a man