Bennett on hometown discount: ‘This isn’t Costco’

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Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Media Availability

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SEATTLE — Seahawks defensive end Michael Bennett made it clear to the team that if they hope to resign him in free agency, they better not think of offering a discounted price.

“There is no such thing as a discount,” Bennett told NFL Network Tuesday. “This isn’t Costco, this isn’t Walmart; this is real life.”

Bennett, 28, said he hopes to stay in Seattle, but won’t take any sort of cut in pay or cheaper offer to remain on the world championship team.

“You go out there and you give the best effort every day and you fight for your teammates, and you want to be compensated for the way that you perform and the kind of teammate you are,” Bennett told the NFL Network.

Bennett compiled 8.5 sacks and was considered one of the strongest defensive ends in the league this year with the Hawks, helping them secure a Super Bowl win and a 13-3 record throughout the season.

To watch the full Michael Bennett interview, click here.

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  • Sco Mc

    Guess he's got his one SB ring and that's all he cares about. Well, it's not like Seattle can't find a viable replacement for him. Their track record for finding hidden talent in the later rounds of the draft will serve them well plus they're stacked with DEs so we'll see.

    • paul

      yup I have no problem with him hitting the road if he want's to be a punk and be greedy like the 5 million he made this year wasn't good enough pay for being allowed to be on a championship team like he was doing so much better with his past team oh that is right he wasn't doing good with his last team he was average at best come back and talk to us when you have 18 sacks or 21 sacks not 8.5 sacks make it seem like you are some high profile player worth more then you are I say cut him if he want's to be greedy

    • paul

      ya if he wants to be greedy he can go back to the team he was with before us the one that wasn't good that didn't get him a ring him and his 8.5 sacks JJ Watts had 18 sacks and isn't being a douche bag like this guy is we don't need that kind of player on a team that was already great before he joined

  • Paul

    well if this is really what he said and how he feels then he is more then welcome to go back to the crap ass team he was with before he came to the best team in the league we don't need him or his greedy ass here in Seattle

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