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Billboard near Tacoma blasts Sherman; Bay Area group paid for it

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SHERMAN BILLBOARDSEATTLE — An electronic billboard in the Fife, Wash., area has an image of Seattle Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman, yelling, and with the caption, ‘ZERO CLASS.’

The company that owns the billboard is Emerald Outdoor Advertising of Spokane.

A company spokesman said 49ers fans in the San Francisco Bay area paid for the billboard. He said they raised more than $34,000, and that most of the money will be a charitable donation — to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

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  • Delmar

    Talk about "No Class" The media for embellishing the story to rediculious proportions and the sheep who follow along with comment's
    like "no class". Instead of embellishing the real story: NFC CHAMPIONS, SUPER BOWL XLVIII BOUND, ALL PRO!! Nice job in twisting a story around to bring discredit to a ALL PRO Cornerback. Any NFL team would welcome Sherman if he were a free agent, ANY and ALL. Don't be fooled by all the attention this is getting, Sherman is a Winner! And NFL fans are loser's for bying into the BULLSH*T that is being spread around. GO HAWKS!!!

    • sv1g

      They can't let go of this one incident because it's totally out of character for Sherm and they can't find any other reason to bash him. Jeez, let it go already. I'll admit I was a little disappointed when I saw it but then I thought of all the times I let my emotions take over and say things I wouldn't normally say. I ain't mad, bro!

  • The Clam

    if someone shoved my face like craptree did to create all of this, i would do much worse that sherman did. in my book he displayed extreme class!

  • Dirt

    Dummies, In any arena where a violent clash of competition takes place believe me, Class is the last consideration in battle. Jeez, very simple if your NOT a couch sheeple.

    • MontanaHawkFan

      For real…so they paid another $8,000 for that billboard? ha ha..theres no length the 49ers will go to be assholes. SORE LOSERS!!! Crabtree got PWNED. Go Seahawks.

  • Classless Hero

    Wow they must be feeling really dumb right about now and they just showed how arrogant those bandwagon fans are. Put your money where your mouth is, they can raise money for a billboard but can never raise money to improve and help their community

    • Tonie Peckham

      Raising money to sabotage someone publically is ‘classy’? Sorry, but the fact that you are donating the rest of the money you raised to children’s hospital negates what an ugly display of sore losers you truly are. This goes to show that you have all CLEARLY earned your nickname WHINERS.

  • adgirl

    Q13–you might want to check with the billboard company to see if this is a legal usage of an image owned by the NFL. As you guys obviously know, no NFL imagery can be used without their consent. Then maybe we can put an end to all this billboard nonsense and Q13 comes out the hero. Just sayin…

      • adgirl

        Yep. And if you've noticed, at the end of every NFL broadcast there is a disclaimer read that states: "This copyrighted broadcast is the property of the National Football League. Any rebroadcast or reproduction without the consent of the NFL is strictly prohibited."

        I believe this billboard constitutes a "reproduction" and I'm surprised that the outdoor advertising company would accept the image in the first place. It makes them and the SF moron who bought it look like idiots.

    • Til Death 49ers

      I believe that there should be an investigation done and the whole game reviewed by the NFL of the referees for the no calls an the yards that i guess that as the minnesota New orleans game to.I saw it from Indiana tackle on the 29 30 yard line an a ten yard penalty was called on 49ers an they snapped the ball from the 11 yard line since when did they add the end zone yardage into penalties because that is the only thing i can think of or it was a 19yard penalty.29-10 = the math 29-10=11 i guess nobody in Seattle can add either,Seahawks suck period and i would say that marshawn lynch is a fag because if he would of came up on me like he did Crabtree an gave me a ball tap an finger slide between my ass i would have knoked him the fuck out an jerked his shit off put a cleet up his ass instead of a push in the facemask.

  • MontanaHawkFan

    Did they get permission from the NFL to use that pic? That would be copyright infringement. 49ers are pompous, arrogant and hypocritical, there is no end to them bitching and whining about everything. which is why they are called the "whiners".

  • Dawn Marie

    If any of you would like to contact the company, and express your feelings about posting false advertising, and inappropreat content….Or, to let them know they are sell out bitches, as I will be doing so……Here is their contact information.

    Contact Us

    Spokane Office:

    Rhonda-T Warren, Manager of Sales and Marketing
    Fax # 509-924-1441

    Tom Townsend, Operations Manager
    509-993-5471 (Cell#)
    Fax # 509-924-1441

    Shipping Address:

    Emerald Outdoor Advertising, LLC
    9212 E. Montgomery Suite 604
    Spokane Valley, WA 99206

    Mailing Address:

    P.O. Box 14686
    Spokane, WA 99214

    • adgirl

      I went one better and contacted the NFL Copyright Agent and reported this as copyright infringement. I gave them the above contact info for Emerald Outdoor Advertising. BOOM.

    • SnoqScott

      boycott Emerald Outdoor Advertising of Spokane. They think this action has no recourse. They think it's perfectly fine to advertise this.

  • NWKitten

    Even though Sherman is a public person and laws allow certain things as long as they are true but he is not a politician. I think Sherman could sue the billboard company and the 49'rs group (and I would make them prove this was from a "Group" because that is 'very' important) for defamation of character because first, 'the general public' see him as a 'gentleman' and a 'hero' not the word they use…… this is trashy whiney name calling tactics that is harmful to his reputation ….. the truth will prevail that the 49'r was the rude' one and acted in an unsportsmanship like manner…… provoking a spontaneous and defensive response on the field …….and continues to provoke 'OFF' the field !

  • Til Death 49ers

    I believe marshawn Lynch should be suspened for unsportsman like conduct an charged with sexual assualt for in appropriatelyu ball tapping an running his fingers threw the cheeks of Crabtrees ass.he got off lucky with a push in the face but u dont see anyone replaying that instead trying to take the heat away from lynch who should be fined an suspended for sexual assualt an charged for it also.

  • Alex

    The girl getting interviewed is annoying and probably not even a hawks fan or if she is she probably jumped on this year. It's a damn rivalry for god sake who the hell cares. As far as I know the seahawks beat the niners and are in the Super Bowl and it raised $34000 for the seattle children's hospital. So I could really care less about a tiny billboard in fife. Go hawks

  • John

    I thought no one could see it. lol. Who are the whinners now? Let's report it, let's cry about it. lmao. Keep the 49ers on your mind. Because they will be back.

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