State Patrol commander demoted, allegedly after incident at Seahawks game

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WSPOLYMPIA — The Washington State Patrol District 1 commander has been reassigned after he allowed his son and his son’s girlfriend into a Seattle Seahawks game even though they had no tickets, The News Tribune reported Wednesday.

A Washington State Patrol spokesman on Wednesday confirmed that Ken Noland, the District 1 commander,  had been reassigned from captain to lieutenant, saying Chief John Batiste had “lost confidence in his ability to command.” But the spokesman would not comment on the News Tribune report.

Noland was reassigned as a lieutenant with the State Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau.

The News Tribune reported that “a source familiar with the incident” said Noland was moonlighting at CenturyLink Field, helping to provide security and asked a ticket-taker to allow his son and the son’s girlfriend into the game even though they had no tickets. The ticket taker refused, but Noland later was able to get them admitted. Another State Patrol employee saw the exchange and reported Noland to superiors.

The News Tribune said Noland told the newspaper in a phone interview, “I made a mistake, the chief made his decision, and I’m moving forward.”

As the District 1 commander, Noland was in charge of troopers in Pierce and Thurston counties.  Noland was reassigned as a lieutenant with the State Patrol’s Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Bureau.

To read the entire News Tribune article, click here.




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  • ihavemademountains

    A lot to lose for the sake of a Game. I know he was probably just trying to be a kool Dad, too bad and indeed poor judgement.

  • Guest

    This guy works for the head law enforcement agency in the state of Washington and he conspires to and commits the crime of theft.
    His only punishment is demotion to a position that is one step down from the position he held while committing the crime.
    Which means he is easily promoted back to his position of supervision he had while committing the crime.
    So this is how WSP operates, "don't worry I'll re promote you after this is forgotten."
    This shows how if you are rubbing elbows with the head of the agency you will be treated as if you can do no wrong.
    I think the magnifying glass of questions of confidence in leadership should be focused on Chief John Batiste.
    The entry fee for those tickets that everyone else paid for could not have been cheap.
    The WSP represents Washington State and this is how they operate?
    So basically if anyone else in law enforcement commits the same act it is okay I guess.
    If a crime was proven to be committed by anyone it should be addressed as a criminal act period.
    Shame on WSP.

  • d

    Who cares!!!, granted it wasn’t right to break the rules but they didn’t hurt anyone….besides they totally over charge for these games..they are making millions by selling over priced tickets, letting corporations and brokers buy up all the tickets so they can resell then for 1000k apiece!!! I would sneak in if I could!! Ill bet the staff sneak people in ALL THE TIME!!!! This trooper must be an AH or his co-worker must not like him so he switched on him!!! No one likes a snitch..!!!

    • Clark

      It is only now big prices, last season a pair of club level season tickets went for a little over 3k …I know because I still kick myself for not buying them then, because season ticket holders get first shot at their seats every year along with the right of first refusal for playoff tickets for their seats.

  • not impressed

    Wsp is the biggest set of crooks. Period. He commited a crime. If it was anyone else they would of been in jail! He would of arrested them. Irony? I think so. Wow, the chief demoted him to another supervisory role? Demotion? The only thing wsp is good for is a drain on Washington state tax dollars. It’s absolutely criminal. So he’s now going to supervise the big criminals. The commercial enforcement. The biggest thieves in the department. All they do is write overpriced tickets that working class people can barely afford. It’s absolute criminal. The real person whose head sold be on the chopping block is the chiefs. He should be brought up on criminal charges. Period. I get it, overpriced. Not the point. He has the attitude that the law dosent apply to him. Despicable. He’s just like a common thief. Scumbag. Just makes me sick. Gives ALL law enforcement a bad name. Washington state district attorney should bring him up on charges. Ohh the hypocrisy. Nice work crooked chief!

  • Shoeguy

    If he had walked into a store and shoplifted a couple of three hundred dollar jackets while wearing his uniform and flashing ID to get past security there would be no question that he would be suspended and fired. Just because what he stole was intangible doesn't make it any less a theft and abusing his authority in furtherance of the crime makes this an agrevated theft. A person in his position is paid fairly well and he could have bought tickets if it were that important to him.

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