State says Bothell therapist advised 15 year-old girl to sleep in same bed as adoptive parents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EVERETT — A Bothell mental health therapist has agreed to reimburse the state $3,000 and take additional classes to end a state investigation into a complaint.

The complaint states the therapist once recommended a 15-year-old girl sleep in the same bed as her adoptive parents; the teen was later reportedly sexually abused by her adoptive father.

child-sexThe Snohomish family followed the bed therapy advice of therapist Lynne Slaeker in 2006 and, years later, the victim revealed the abuse to Slaeker, who reported the allegations to Child Protective Services.

In September 2012, the 42-year-old adoptive father was sentenced to six years in prison for sexually abusing the teen, according to the Everett Herald.

The state says the bed therapy was suggested to help the girl’s anxiety and promote bonding of the new family.

An attorney representing Slaeker says she agreed to the stipulation but that does not mean Slaeker is admitting to any wrongdoing and the therapist was never deemed unprofessional.

Q13 FOX News spoke with other mental health experts on Wednesday who say they are stunned by the bed therapy advice.

“We may recommend to share a bed with a baby for bond building purpose — but for a 15-year-old, that is crazy, absolutely unacceptable,” Mental Health Counselor Hye Young Kim said.

Kim says she is surprised that the state did not revoke Slaeker’s license.

“There should be someone who can supervise her from now on for a certain period of time,” Kim said.

State officials say they will monitor Slaeker more often, at least two times a year for two years.

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  • Gregory

    Not all liberal therapist have good advise.
    Many enter the field to find out and work out issues they themselves have.
    Often they pass on their twisted views to the trusting clients.

  • Catherine

    It just seems to me that more should be done to the person that told her to do this and they should revoke Slaeker’s license. i just feel like we have a huge problem these days with people and raping and touching kids and it needs to be stopped and it happens to a lot of kids in foster care and other places like them and im not saying it dont just happen any other way but it but i hear more about it happening to foster kids and by people who know the child real well it is just sick that a 15 year old was told to do that and its just wrong

  • Sara

    Why are you blaming the therapist? That man is a disgusting human being for what he did. Are you saying only because she was recommended to share a bed with the parents, the therapist is to blame? If this man can’t control himself, it would have happened no matter where she slept. Holding the therapist accountable in any way is excusing what the foster father did. That is unacceptable.

  • DJGirl

    What gets me is that Hye Young Kim states that Slaeker (the therapist) is CRAZY. But apparently not crazy enough to revoke her license.

    “We may recommend to share a bed with a baby for bond building purpose — but for a 15-year-old, that is crazy, absolutely unacceptable,” Mental Health Counselor Hye Young Kim said.

    Yes, I agree the father is to blame for his actions. My question is what was the mother doing? I can't imagine sharing a bed with my husband and a 15 year old girl and not know that something might be going on in the same bed.

    Bunch of fruit cakes there. I feel sorry for the girl. She has already had a hard life as it is. Some days I just want to take all the kids in who have had such rough young lives.

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