Sherman on postgame rant and ‘storm afterwards’

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SEATTLE — Richard Sherman has been the most talked about player in the NFL this week because of his comments following the NFC Championship game and now the Seahawks cornerback says there isn’t much about the incident that he regrets.

sherman-fansImmediately following the NFC Championship game, Sherman spoke with Fox reporter Erin Andrews. During that interview Sherman began yelling about 49er Michael Crabree and called him “a sorry” receiver.

Now, Sherman says his biggest regret is that his comments took away from the team and his teammates accomplishments to clinch a Super Bowl berth.

Sherman said, “There isn’t much of that I regret. Mostly I regret the storm afterwards. The way it was covered, the way it was perceived and the attention it took away from the fantastic performances by my teammates. That would be the only part of it I regret. The way it was covered.”

Sherman went on to say that he is a competitor and the Richard Sherman on the field is different from the guy off the field.

Sherman said, “If you catch me in a moment on the field when I am still in that zone, when I am still as competitive as I can be and I’m trying to be in a place where I have to be to do everything I can to be successful on the football field and help my team win, then it’s not going to come out as articulate, as smart, as charismatic, because on the field I’m not all those things. I am everything I need to be to be a winner.”

Immediately following the live interview, many people commented about Sherman on Twitter, calling him a ‘thug’ and ‘monkey.’ He says there is no defending those racist remarks.

Sherman said, “What I did was within the lines of a football field. What they did was in actual reality. They showed their true character. They had time to think about it. They were sitting at a computer. They expressed themselves in a true way, and I thought society had moved past that.”

Sherman wouldn’t say much about his past with Crabtree. He said the two got into a heated exchange at a charity event during the offseason and that’s what sparked his rant.

“I told him. I said I will keep it on the field. I will show him on the field,” Sherman said.  “That’s always been my thing. Everybody says, oh, he pushes you in the face. Doing this, doing that. I’m not going to fight anyone. Embarrass my family. Embarrass myself or anything like that. There’s no need for that. There’s no need for that. There’s no need to be that kind of barbaric human being. But on the field we are playing a very barbaric sport.”

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  • Darla

    He has an excellent point about people who had time to think, and were sitting at their computers, and made ugly, bigoted, sinful remarks. Right or wrong, the heat of the moment. No excuse for those haters to take up an opportunity, after time to think what they would say, and say something clearly racists. UGH

  • Sherman Brown

    Getting tired of the East media bias, as well as some media in the Pacific Northwest, going after Sherman. Seems the media (NFL_AM, etc.) are determined to make Sherman out to be the mean black guy, all the while giving goodie-goodie stories about Manning /or the Broncos.

    If the media talks about Manning, the QB, why not talk about (compare to) Russell Wilson? Every stinking news media (even The Five) starts off with the rude, rash & mean Seahawk player, Richard Sherman.

    He was psyched up for the game and the great play he made put his team into the Super Bowl. Why no mention (or penalty) for the slap to the helmet by Crabtree. Why? Because everyone wanted the 49ers to be playing the Broncos.

    You go Sherman!

  • ted

    Go to Yahoo comment boards to find the closet racists. They hide behind names like American hero, Last real american, or blah, blah, real american, most sites kick racists but not yahoo. These idiots couldn’t find enough chicken/watermelon references. I’m sorry for these people and I know they’ll never step out in the light, but there has been progress when these moles don’t crawl out of their holes and expose themselves for what they really are. God bless Sherman, God bless the Seahawks, and God bless America…..

  • Clark

    I find it interesting that Crabtree the rest of the 49ers and most of the media can talk smack about the Seahawks all season and Sherman makes one comment in the heat of the moment after being insulted for the umpteenth time by Crabtree and he is the bad guy. Yes on the field Sherman is an animal and I am very glad that he plays for the Hawks any team would be happy to have a player with a portion of his ability…GO SEAHAWKS !!!

  • Sally

    OK, let's talk sportsmanship……. instead of jumping all over Sherman for a comment made in the heat of the game and ;provoked by Crabtree, let's go after the jackass that threw food on Bowman while he was being carried off injured. He/she should be found and arrested for criminal assault. Now THAT'S poor sportsmanship and Seattle just doesn't roll like that.

  • consternarlos

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