‘Hell of a game:’ Hear the exclusive audio that Richard Sherman says validates him

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SEATTLE — For the first time, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman’s side of the story is revealed in an exclusive recording the public hasn’t heard from the field.

Q13 FOX News was given exclusive access to audio recorded from a microphone Sherman was wearing during the NFC Championship on Sunday. That microphone captured what happened moments before the interview with FOX Sport’s Erin Andrews that sparked a national firestorm.

Sherman wrote an editorial for Sports Illustrated on Monday. Sherman explained he approached San Francisco 49ers Wide Receiver Michael Crabtree, patted him, and reached out his hand saying, “good game, good game.” Crabtree responded by shoving Sherman in the face.

From what we see and hear, it appears Sherman was trying to be a good sport.

Listen to the interaction:

The entire Richard Sherman MIC’ed Up segment will air on Seahawks Saturday Night at 9:30 p.m. on JOEtv and 10:30 p.m. on Q13 FOX.

Sherman says he’s surprised by all the attention his postgame comments received and that he would have approached it differently because it took the focus away from his teammates.

In the recording, Sherman says, “Hell of a game. Hell of a game.”

That audio seems to corroborate what he wrote in Sports Illustrated — that he was trying to reach out to Crabtree and shake his hand, only to be shoved in the face.

Sherman says he has not reached out to Crabtree since the game.

“They’ll understand that there wasn’t malice or anything when I was running up to him,” Sherman said. “Obviously it was bad timing I guess, but I knew that was the game and after those games there wasn’t a lot of handshakes.”

From the scene at a Seahawks press conference Wednesday, the attention on Sherman is at an all-time high — with the Super Bowl less than two weeks away.

Richard Sherman speaks postgame about Michael Crabtree

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  • John

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE find something worth reporting. The Richard Sherman interview was not that bad and certainly not worth CONTINUALLY talking about. Media outlets will continue to drain this SMALL piece of news until something bad comes out of it. LET IT REST and let it die. He has nothing to really be embarrassed about but the media attention is… This is a great example why I LOATH news, never about the truth, always about what it will take for you to get ratings. No better than the rags at the grocery store.

    • esco

      Exactly! Can't win a Super Bowl with drama. Time to focus on the game plan. The Broncos would love for Seattle to be tangled up in drama. Get serious and win this thing.!!

  • Jamie

    In my opion the 49ers showed very bad sportsmanship and I fell that they should be kicked out of the nfc for one year without pay for there actions if u make the whole team pay for the actions of the few they r less likely to continue the bad behavior just saying

  • John Doe

    Perhaps Erin Andrews ought to interview The Famous Chicken. BTW, WVUE, which is the Fox station in New Orleans use to be a call sign to Channel 12 in Philadelphia, which is now WHYY, Philadelphia's PBS station. Even KCPQ was a PBS station when it was run by the Clover Park S.D. from 1976-80 in which Clover Park's now-defunct KPEC-TV Channel 56 bought the remains of the former KMO/KTVW Channel 13 & renamed it KCPQ.

  • Richard

    You guys come to a news item about Sherman and complain it's about Sherman. There really is lots of other material out there. But then if you just like complain I guess that's cool too. Now is the time for all these guys to back up the talk. If they can stop Manning we run away with this. If they can't they could be embarassed . Go Seahawks !!!

  • Josh

    To put this simply, it was probably the best example of poor sportsmanship the media could ever hope for. To even try to justify Sherman’s actions by releasing his ” hell of a game” comment to Crabtree before the game was even over (not to mention you just broke the guys dreams of a Superbowl) is just adding fuel to the fire. Where is your class Seattle and Q13. The nation now sees you as poor sports and believes you will do anything to justify it. The 12th man doesn’t deserve this. In the famous words of Ron Burgandy, ” Stay classy Seattle” if you can.

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