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Eastside Catholic president resigns; called a ‘necessary decision’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

EastsideCatholicSchoolSAMMAMISH — Eastside Catholic School President, Sister Mary Tracy, has been taking heat after her decision to fire the school’s vice principal because he married his gay partner. The embattled Tracy resigned as president and head of school at Eastside Catholic on Tuesday, effective immediately.

Eastside Catholic administrators released this statement: “For Sister Mary it was a difficult, but necessary decision so that a new leader can be brought in to ensure the entire Eastside Catholic community is moving forward on a positive path.”

The firing of popular Vice Principal Mark Zmuda in late December sparked national attention. The backlash started when the students became extremely upset about Zmuda’s dismissal.

“We’re all here for him we accept him for who he is, we’re ashamed that this has happened. We’re going to do everything we can to stop it,” student Julia Burns said.

There was a sit in and demonstrations. Students even skipped class to protest what they say was Zmuda’s forced resignation, not because he is gay, but because he married another man.

With many parents still upset, some say Sister Mary Tracy’s resignation is a big, big step in the right direction.

“It’s a bittersweet victory… It’s sad that we’re here and it came to this but this is what had to happen to reopen an open communication with the Board and to set things right,” said parent Florence Colburn.

Colburn and about twenty-five other parents and alumni met Tuesday night for a regularly scheduled meeting.

Sister Mary Tracy’s resignation was not on the agenda at first, but when news of her departure broke they spent a lot of time talking about what will come next.

They all signed a petition about issues facing the school – top among them now: the reinstatement of Vice Principal Mark Zmuda.

“This is what we’re working towards and it had to start with a change in leadership to even have that dialogue,” Colburn said.

Eastside Catholic administrators released this statement Tuesday saying ‘Sister Mary came to this decision after much prayer and reflection. For Sister Mary it was a difficult, but necessary decision so that a new leader can be brought in to ensure the entire Eastside Catholic community is moving forward on a positive path.’

The search for a new president at Eastside Catholic begins immediately.

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  • joe

    That church is filled with gays, has been for decades, lots of boys in choir to go after, the progressives view this okay, since you need to break some eggs to make an omelet, the typical liberal philosophy that the end justifies the means so being dishonest and despicable is fine since it paves the way to the progressive utopia of human rule. The Catholic church is now also poluted with intruders wearing white collars pretending to be an Athority and promoting the idea that Jesus loves abortion too.

  • guest

    I saw a group of these students holding up signs saying "what would Jesus do?". Since they obviously don't read their Bible or pay attention in religion class I'll tell you, Jesus would forgive the sinner and tell them "go and sin no more" . He would NOT condone nor accept the sinful lifestyle.

  • ihavemademountains

    I am not Catholic, but I am LGBT.

    Growing up I knew a number of Catholic clergy-I went to Catholic schools.
    The Clergy takes an oath to follow the teachings of the Church as dictated through the Holy See.

    My heart goes out to Sister Tracy-she did what she vowed to do-follow the teachings of the Church, even though in her heart she *may ( I do not know her) have great compassion for the issue at hand.
    In these changing times, perhaps a non liturgical person should head the school.

    BTW, I AM, have in the past and will continue to be an advocate for Equality for everyone–including those who hate me and my "kind".


    • guest

      why should a religion based school be headed by a "non liturgical" person? and why do homosexuals always translate non-acceptance of their lifestyle as "hate"? what creates the issues is you wanting your perverse lifestyle to be accepted by all as normal, but the fact that most people prefer not to does NOT mean they hate you. my guess is your feelings of being hated are your own internal guilt complex.