Police arrest prolific burglar with small hands

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
George Zimmerman Appears Before Judge On Recent Aggravated Assault Charges

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EVERETT – A combination of good police work, luck and DNA samples has lead to the arrest of a crook who may be responsible for about 40 burglaries around the Puget Sound.  Police arrested Adam Nemra and charged him with burglaries at four businesses, but that number could grow, the Daily Herald reported.  The break-in occured at businesses including Jiffy Lube, Great Clips, Burger King and other.  Police from 10 different police departments are investigating Nemra, the Herald reported.

In many of the burglaries police think Nemra used the same modus operandi, the Herald reported.  Police said that the crook broke windows to get inside the businesses, and used grinding tools to break open the store’s safe, to steal the cash.  Police investigating the burglaries believed that the crook must have had small, slender hands to reach through the narrow openings to remove cash from the safes. And in several of the break-ins police believe that the crook cut himself on broken glass or on the metal slits in the safe.

Police got a huge break when police found drops of blood at two locations: a pizza restaurant and a Dollar Tree store.  Police got a search warrant and obtained a DNA sample from Nemra.  Lab results matched Nemra’s genetic profile to blood found on a napkin at the Marysville Burger King, an Arlington Burger King and an Everett Dollar Store, the paper reported.

The Washington State Crime Lab estimated the probability of misidentification at 1 in 450 quadrillion.  If convicted, Nemra could face six years in prison, the Herald reported.

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