Former police chief arrested for stealing 51 bottles of liquor

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

200350778-001TACOMA — A former Montesano police chief was arrested for stealing 51 bottles of liquor earlier this month from a Tacoma Safeway, again violating the terms of a previous conviction agreement.

According to Tacoma police, Ray Sowers, 50, was spotted pulling a bottle of liquor out of his jacket and putting it into his car Jan. 9  near a Safeway in the 6000 block of 6th Avenue in Tacoma. The woman who spotted him told store security that he  “was stumbling around” outside his car before returning to the store.

Store security reviewed footage and called police just as Sowers allegedly drove from the store with more stolen liquor.

Tacoma police pulled over Sowers a short distance away from the store. The officer said Sowers was intoxicated when contacted, and told police that he had received multiple bottles for free “from work.” When officers told him that didn’t make sense, he reportedly said “I know,” and protested his ensuing arrest saying, “they’re not all stolen.”

He was arrested and charged with second-degree burglary for stealing $1,537.92 dollars worth of liquor. Two bottles of vodka in his car were not stolen, police said.

Sowers was a 26-year veteran of law enforcement, and had formally served as Montesano’s police chief. He resigned after the Washington State Patrol found he bilked thousands of dollars from city coffers, using stolen public funds to buy personal electronics and appliances.

He was also arrested in June for driving under the influence, the Aberdeen Daily World reported, and was out on bail when he was stopped Jan. 9. After his arrest he posted bail and was released.

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  • The World is Ending

    It seams like about once a month or so I am reading a story about a cop or former cop breaking the law mostly stuff like theft or embezzlement, but there have been several cases of assault and a bunch of DUI cases. I know some of you will say they are only human… Then I say act like rather than acting like they are better than every one else… But the thing that gets me is cops always say we have to stop texting and driving and we are going to aggressively go after offenders when they are some of the biggest offenders, and I don't want to hear about training not looking at the road is not looking at the road no matter who you are.

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