Plot change, must-see gadgets at CES and more in trending

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Former NBA Star Dennis Rodman Visits China

From Getty Images

Creepy crooner: If you haven’t seen today’s video of Dennis Rodman singing ‘happy birthday’ to North Korea leader Kim Jong Un … it’s pretty weird.

Changing lanes: Apparently, the writers of the animated series Archer decided to change the show’s premise … because the writer was “bored.” The show used to center around the antics of an inadequate spy organization. In the words of the show’s executive producer … “we’re a f*ing drug cartel now.”

Life hacks: I’m a sucker for these. This list is pretty good, especially tips for removing a splinter. (Baking soda? Who knew!)

CEO party crasher: T-Mobile CEO John Legere was kicked out of a party hosted by AT&T … He said, he just wanted to see Macklemore perform. 

Must-see gadgets at 2014 CES: The annual Consumer Electronics Trade Show kicked off this week in Las Vegas. Curved TVs, talking refrigerators and smart gloves to improve your golf game are all featured this year. Here’s the must-see list of this year’s products.

Missed package no more: A new app promises that you’ll never see the dreaded ‘missed package’ sticky note on your door ever again. myDoorman was inspired by Uber. With it, contractors will hold your packages and deliver them to you when you’re ready, taking the guessing game out of delivery times, and ensuring your new shoes won’t be stolen off the front porch.

Cats are jerks: Think your cat is intentionally ignoring you? It may be true. But, the thing is, nothing good ever comes easy. When people say cats are too difficult to deal with, I say, ‘challenge accepted.’

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