Maple Valley parents upset over man videotaping elementary students

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

lakewildernessMAPLE VALLEY- Parents of Lake Wildnerness Elementary students are voicing concern over a man they say has been posted outside the school for the last month, video taping buses and cars entering and exiting the building.

One mom confronted him and posted the video to Facebook.

Parents say they’ve asked the school district to intervene but were told they can’t do anything because he is on the sidewalk and technically not on school property.

We’ll have more on this story on Q13 FOX News at 4 and 5 p.m.

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  • girlious

    If the Police say they can't do anything about it they are not telling the truth. They can do something under the new laws imposed by Homeland Security. Anyone posing a threat in "APPEARANCE" can and will be held. Anyone yelling at cars (An irrational act) in front of children is alarming and can invoke a violent situation from parents trying to protect their children from these outbursts! Come On People. He needs to go NOW!

    • aPenny4

      Constitution and the Bill of Rights trumps the Homeland Security act. And what threat does standing and recording pose? Yelling at cars seems like speech to me cars can't be victims either. Just cause someone may be violent because of another person legal actions doesn't mean you should stop the legal action. He can go where ever he wants in public. Taking away rights isn't a way to protect children as those rights will be gone when they grow up and then the will be unprotected adults.

  • kohl

    and the fact the dude is filming children with out any type of consent, if a parent shows concern for what the tapes are being used for police need to look into it.

    • aPenny4

      You are pretty ignorant of the law and our basic rights, he has a right to record in public areas all he wants no consent needed. The police can ask but can't demand the have contact him and that is as much as the can do if he decided not to cooperate.

  • Parent

    Seems pretty obvious to me (based on FB posts ) that this Man is trying to build a case for some something, against the District,school, city or some other family. I

  • Robert

    The only way I can see this problem being stopped is for every parent to take their children out of that school until they do something about it before something bad happens and than it's too late. It's the parents problem now to solve since the school district and law say they can't do anything. I bet they would stop the problem fast if there were no kids showing up to that school no more. That would be the best way to fight this problem.

    • Merika

      Taking kids out of school is extreme. Having involved/aware parents like the women filming asking questions is what this country needs more of. Seems like no other parents had the balls to confront this gentleman.

  • levelheaded

    He is a parent who is building a case against the TSD. He is NOT breaking any laws. He is filming traffic, NOT kids. The people who are breaking the law are the ones who are calling him names, harassing him, and inciting a riot…parents are forming mobs for the purpose of harassing him. The parents who are forming the mobs are causing an unsafe situation for the students. The man is not the one who is breaking any laws. He has been banned from the school due to bad language. He is NOT the one who is dangerous, the over emotional parents are the dangerous ones. The TSD and MVP are taking the legal steps to dealing with him. People reacted before knowing the facts.

    • Anonymous

      These parents have every right to be concerned with a man filming or even appearing as if he’s filming their children. I don’t know if you’re aware but there have been school shootings and abductions in and around schools. Parents tend to be a little more hypersensitive these days and can you really blame them. If he in fact is documenting to build a case for whatever reason he should have more than enough of what he needs. From what I’ve heard, he put himself in the situation he’s in with the school anyway. He’s sounds like a ticking time bomb and that’s not someone I feel comfortable having near my child. Kudos to the parents for protecting those kids!

    • Martha

      If this is the case, why isn't he just honest about it when approached by concerned parents? He is a parent himself, who obviously if what you say is true, is trying to protect his family from something he thinks is wrong. Him responding honestly and up front with these parents probably would not have had the same outcome…….just a thought.

      • aPenny4

        Talking or explaining what he is doing could ruin his case. Most law professionals and even police tell you not to talk to anyone for any reason untill you have no other choice(Judges order) or your lawyer tells you it is okay. He isn't breaking a law and your children don't circumvent his rights.

        • Martha

          That does make sense but unfortunetely it doesn't help the concerned parents to get an answer. I absolutely support the idea of what YOU say he is doing, as that is his right especially if he believes something is wrong with the system. That being said, it to is absolutely the right of concerned parents to wonder what is going on when all they know is what they see and what they see is a man out front of their childrens school, videotaping. The school was tightlipped, the man wasn't answering any questions & acted suspicious……what other choice did these parents have then to take it public?!

    • MamaHen

      THen why didn't he explain when he was approached? He turned away from that camera awful fast. If he had a legitimate concern that he was trying to document he would have explained it. Otherwise he is just casing for kids or stalking people. Hell he could be some abusive Dad who lost his rights trying to find and kidnap his kid.

      • aPenny4

        Could ruin his case and maybe he doesn't want any publicity that could ruin his case or embarase his family further if the case is about an embarasing subject.

  • The World is Ending

    All the police have do do is go talk to him, take down his ID info and just tell him that some parents are concerned and wish hi a good day, but insinuate that if anything happens to any of the kids, parents, or any property, he will be the first guy that they talk to.

    • 4th amendment

      Washington does not have a stop and identify statute. He doesn't need to show police his ID walking down the street. Luckily, for the time being we don't live in a "papers please" society.

  • Charlene

    He has children attending the school. It has been said he is filming for a lawsuit. It is NONE of the other parents' business if he is NOT a registered sex offender. He isn't bothering ANYONE just getting video. My children and I stood at our last bus stop every morning. Many parents did NOT have themselves down at the bus stop controlling their own kids. No, they did not work. They expect me to tattle tale to them about their kids. I eventually got called names by these parents and said "I" was the problem. I wanted my kids to be safe to get on the bus and not be bullied. My kids, my problem. One parent threaten me IN FRONT of all the kids. I am so glad my husband's job allowed us to transfer. Kids will be kids but where we are now, they are wonderful. My kids have more friends at this place. I am going to hate it when we have to transfer from here. Some parents are TOO involved while others don't care until little perfect Johnnie goes home crying.

  • James

    Where in the hell are the Dads of these children? This is been going on for a month and only a mother confronted him? The local PD are ridiculous too, a school full of children, a possible child molester or deranged adult out front…their should be police presence there every single day!

  • BubbaGump

    You guys need to relax – it's NOT illegal what he's doing. HE hasn't threatened anyone. If anyone threatened him it was that mother who was interfering with him doing whatever he legally wants to…which last time I checked you could do in America. You can and are filmed(and so are your kids) without your consent all the time. You think you can walk down the street, through the mall, or the grocery store without being watched/filmed? do you consent to that? NOPE. As a photographer I can take pictures anywhere I please and of anyone I choose if I'm on public property.(This includes any buildings, events, or people) Have I been confronted about it before? yes. and depending on the person's attitude I've deleted or not deleted photographs. If you go outside your house, don't expect not to be video taped or photographed. This is the world where we live.

    • aPenny4

      I agree with you with the exception of her breaking the law she didn't she can ask questions and such as much as he can as long as she doesn't cause any harm she is fine filming him right back and asking him questions.

  • Sean

    I read into this a little more and this guy is not at fault completely. He is in a dispute over the schools congestion and is documenting how crappy the traffic gets in our area + how it is a hazard for everyone…. I agree with his standpoint that area sucks and should be avoided at all costs in before and after school….

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