Maple Valley mom confronts man with video camera near school

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MAPLE VALLEY — Cari Korpi drops her kids off at Lake Wilderness Elementary School every day, but Wednesday she noticed something unusual.  There was a man standing on the sidewalk in front of the school shooting video with his cell phone.  So she pulled out hers and confronted him.

In the video, he quickly turns away as Cari asks him what he is doing.  The man says, “It’s none of your business, I’m on public property.”

“His reaction was a concern and he obviously did not want me to know anything about what he was doing,” said Korpi.

lakewildernessCari decided to post her video to Facebook to inform parents and the response was overwhelming.

The Tahoma School District said, however, that the man is actually a parent of two Lake Wilderness Elementary School students who got into a dispute with school officials last year over crowding in the parking lot during pickup time.

“In conversations and meetings with him about the issues he was concerned about at the school, there were times he was using inappropriate language and it just reached the point we felt he did not need to be on this campus,” said district spokesman Kevin Patterson.

The district banned him from school property by issuing a one-year no trespass order that is in effect until next month.  The King County Sheriff’s Office has also gotten complaints, but sheriff’s Sgt. Cindi West said the man was not arrested because he wasn’t doing anything wrong.

“People are saying, ‘Why don’t you arrest this guy, he seems creepy?’ Well, he hasn’t done anything and we can’t predict if he’s going to do anything.  We have no indication of violence.  Anger yes, but that doesn’t always equal violence,” West said.

Korpi is hoping the father with the cell phone camera stays away from the school and can resolve his dispute with the district without alarming any more parents.

“Unfortunately, this is a situation that can escalate because his background.  That could be a huge threat.  He’s part of this community so, if he’s having an issue, then how can we all work together to figure it out  and resolve it,” said Korpi.

Parents say this man’s behavior at school over the past year has been concerning.  The man does not have a criminal history.  The school said it has increased security over the next few days but hope this situation calms down and they encourage parents not to confront the man.

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  • MMW

    There is a problem with the traffic flow by Lake Wilderness school at the beginning & end of the day. Can take 10 minutes to get 1/4 mile as you pass the school. There needs to be traffic control in that area to keep traffic moving and so people who are dropping children off can get their children to school on time. The 1 lane in each direction road is not wide enough to support the amount of traffic on it.

  • Lisa

    I knew just by looking at the video that woman took of that man, the reason why he was doing it. It is crazy down there and always has been. She was just wrong to make that man out to be some kind of pervert. So what he had some anger issues and if he was a concern maybe she should have done the legal thing and called 911 before trying to ruin the mans life. I dont understand why she went through all the trouble of posting his face all over facebook saying watch out for your kids! I am disgusted with her!!

    • levelheaded

      I agree! Cheryl is soooooo wrong for going from a pissed off parent taking video to bringing up Sandy Hook! WTH! Paranoia much? I know her personally and she is the one who is unstable. She panics over everything and has a history of spreading gossip. She is the one who is dangerous. Shame on her! She should be embarrassed!

  • levelheaded

    I totally agree with Lisa. I am disgusted by what Cari and her over dramatic friend Cheryl have done to this family and to the community. They created a witch hunt! Shame on these two women for creating so much drama over a man who is NOT doing anything illegal. I am also extremely offended by the way the media has covered this story! They are only reporting and sharing comments from people and facebook that make this man look like he is dangerous. They have failed to share the majority comments….the majority of the community thinks that everyone should just leave him alone. On a local neighborhood facebook, Cheryl got people caught up in the drama. People were calling him a sex offender and kidnapper plus her drama mama group was inciting a possible riot by encouraging people to harass this man. How about having the media report on how wrong it is for the parents to break the law!


    wow lady get a life there are perverts out there but are people going to harass every man standing in front of a school with a cell phone. paranoia will destroy ya. What about a women standing in front of a school taking video I bet no one looks twice.

  • levelheaded

    I am having trouble getting past Cheryl Palmquist’s comments and actions. She feels that Girten is a danger to the school and kids. She caused all this paranoia and media frenzy to protect the kids. I would imagine she would want to keep her kids safe. If she truly feels that he is so “Sandy Hook” dangerous, then why did she allow the media to air her comments, her face, and her name to for everyone to see….including Girten? Even the most level headed person can be pushed to their physiological breaking point and suddenly snap! What if the crap she has done causes him to snap and seek revenge? How safe are HER kids? How can she sleep at night? A good protective parent would not have been so careless! It might be a good idea for her to move as far from Maple Valley as she can get. Mother Idiot Award of the Year!

  • toomuchmediahype

    She was judge jury and executioner. Lucky the press didn't show his face or name. If I was at amusement park, National Monument, High School Football game, etcc filming something. would she confront me there also? He told her it was none of here business and it wasn't. Not everyone is a criminal. Media, Like this station, just likes to hype these kinds of stories hoping it turns into a big news story. If I was him I would sue the News Agency and School for violation of my privacy. One they had to get his name from the school and two what gives this station the right to run a background check on him. Who does this statio works for? NSA? Seems like the man civil liberties were violated to me, for just standing on a public street.

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