Eastside Catholic H.S. drama coach: ‘I’m gay and engaged’

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SAMMAMISH — After weeks of student rallies and protests in support of former Eastside Catholic High School Vice Principal Mark Zmuda, another staff member is speaking out about her sexuality.

Zmuda said he was fired in mid-December after school officials learned he had married his male partner.  Zmuda said Eastside officials told him he could keep his job if he got a divorce.

STEPHANIEMERROW2On Monday afternoon, Eastside Catholic drama coach Stephanie Merrow called in to the Ron and Don Show on KIRO Radio to say she is gay and engaged to her girlfriend and planned on wearing her engagement ring to school.

“When the girls ask me, ‘Where did you get that ring?  What’s your fiance’s name?  I’m not going to lie.  That goes against my beliefs I value.  I’m shaking right now, thinking about it in anger and fear, but I love those kids and really respect and appreciate what they did for Mark.  So I’m not going to lie to them.  I’m going to say her name is Jenny,” said Merrow during her radio interview.

On Monday afternoon, School President Sister Mary Tracy confirmed School Board President Glen Colin stepped down, but wouldn’t elaborate on why.

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    • anonymous

      This is an easy debate really… We cannot change the word of God.. He tells us that we can have one mate and that mate is to be of the opposite sex.. anything other is a sin…. these teachers KNOW the stipulations of the job when they are hired… Change the church?!?!… that is not gonna make God happy and I would be worried about that more than trying to push this ” gay” opinion on society. Just because society approves it, doesn’t mean that God does!

  • Chris lombardo

    it is readily apparent that this school is a 'Religious" school and that this "Drama" Teacher (as she may) is very effective at just that, Drama! It is Criminal that the Media even contemplates, let alone, encourages this Nations "Children" (Minors) into this type of debate and conflict. They are too young and impressionable, lacking the knowledge necessary to even begin to make a level headed non-biased opinion with proper perspective, with regard to these issues plaguing our Society today !
    Wait until they are 18 to begin that agenda!
    As for the so-called teacher, she is very effective "Drama" looking for the limelight and 30 seconds of rebellious fame! She knows the rules and as the Homosexual side does not enjoy the opposite sides position on Religious Faith and Belief being bestowed upon them, likewise, the Heterosexual side with Religious standards of their own, does not want to be influenced nor inundated with the others viewpoint being crammed down upon them, as is their right !

    • Guest

      Agree 100%, why do they want to push their agenda on everyone. It is a behavior and unnatural, why is it so important for them to flaunt their poor behavior?

  • Anonymous

    When you agree to work for these institutions, you agree to abide by their rules, in this case the teachings of the Catholic Church. There have been many women who have had to resign as they had pregnancies out of wedlock and wanted to set the best example for their students. These “teachers” care NOTHING for their student and only seek to push their agenda. What a bunch of filth to be around impressionable children. Home schooling sounds more and more appealing everyday!!

  • Mr Holms

    Nobody gives a shit but seeing how there is freedom of speech its my turn!!! Fagety bull s#!+ Do you really have to post it? so I have to explain to my children that its NOT RIGHT TO BE GAY!!!
    Put that Fagety Crap back in the closet where it fricken belongs!!! I could care less if they stick a tree or a bus up their but. or if she likes licking the holiest of holes. I remember getting in trouble for kissing my girlfriend in public so if that was bad, homosexual fagot gay people are fricken sick in the head and have serious mental problems, and i dont give a $hit about them or what they do. Does it really have to be publicized on the news in public. Now you know why whenever i see gay people I CALL THEM FAGS A$$e$

  • <?>

    So are we supposed to clap for her, what's she want from us? Who gives a crap and why doesn't she know that no one gives a crap? The gays are played out.

  • Joe

    The Catholic religion has been compromised by gay clergy since the conception, this is why the priests don't get married, they don't like women anyway, they want boys, and the church gathering is a nice field for harvest.

    This is just more gay people imposing their lifestyle on the church

    They don't just leave people alone, they impose themselves and go after your kids, but this school hires them and they turn around and indoctrinate the pupils to buy into to but sniffing lifestyle like dogs.

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