Handful wounded in South Seattle gunfire, brawl

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

SOUTH SEATTLE — As many as four people were wounded early Wednesday morning in an apparent New Year’s Eve brawl that started between two women, Seattle police said.

IMG_7293Seattle police tweeted at 6 a.m. Wednesday that there were possibly five people shot at a motorcycle club near the intersection of 12th Avenue and Doris Street in South Seattle. A few blocks from the club, a SUV was found at a Shell station with bullet holes near Michigan and Corson Avenue. A man at the gas station was found shot in the chest and taken to Harborview Medical Center with critical injuries.

After initial reports of multiple people shot, however, police said multiple injuries were the result of a brawl that started between two women at the club. According to police, two women began fighting outside the club around 5 a.m. One woman’s husband pulled out a gun and shot one man, police said. The injured man drove his SUV to the nearby shell station.

The shooting suspect’s wife was injured, and he loaded her into a Cadillac and drove her to the Harborview Medical Center, police said. The woman — who appeared to be “run over,” police said — was admitted to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The husband was arrested at the hospital.

Several other people came into the hospital with apparent fight wounds stemming from the incident. Harborview Medical Center set up a triage center outside the hospital to help deal with victims coming in, police said.

The shooting appeared unrelated to gunfire Tuesday night in West Seattle.

We’ll keep you updated on these shootings as we get more information.

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  • Melvin

    Yes, marijuana is a “harmless” drug. This story “proves it”. Obviously they had been drinking and doping.

    Are the liberal Washington state voters really nuts?

    • GrowUpMelvin

      I doubt many conservatives would agree with you on Marijuana. Not every conservative has a stick up their butt on the issue like you have, many of them enjoy a good doobie from time to time to reward themselves for a life of hard work and wise savings. You should grow up and get with the times, stop being a stick in the mud and embarrassing the conservatives constituents.

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