Helter Skelter, Charles Manson sign upsets some residents

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Helter Skelter

Image courtesy Richard D. Oxley/ North Kitsap Herald

KITSAP COUNTY — A Poulsbo area bar that uses the image of Charles Manson as part of a business sign is drawing ire from area residents who say posting the face of the infamous cult leader known for his brutal slayings is offensive and equates to “hate speech.”

According to the North Kitsap Herald Reporter, the Helter Skelter Lounge in the 19000 block of Viking Avenue has come under fire recently for its sign that shows the words “Helter Skelter” next to a large drawing of Charles Manson’s face. As many has 40 people have complained about the sign online, with most saying it shined a negative light on Viking Avenue and the small Kitsap community.

“Helter Skelter alone is fine,” area resident Amber McIntosh told the Herald. “With Manson’s image on it, it’s his (version of) ‘Helter Skelter.’ I think it’s racist and in bad taste.”

The owner of the lounge, Joe Boyle, said he was expecting some complaints when he put the sign up. Boyle is a music lover, and typically associates Helter Skelter with the Beatles’ song, he said.

Still, he decided to pair the name with a picture of Manson’s face because of the bizarre connection Manson had to the song. Manson allegedly believed the Beatles’ lyrics were secretly coded to encourage a race battle. He said he decided to put the face together with the words to tell the whole story, knowing the face would garner his bar some attention.

“I knew I would hear something when I put the sign up,” Boyle told the Herald.

Boyle told the Herald he has received calls of support about the sign, and an online discussion between sign detractors and proponents continues.

Charles Manson, who is recently married, is currently in prison.

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    Some people just LOVE to complain and feel 'offended'. The sign owner should just tell the whiners to p-ss off. Leave the sign the way it is……

  • Joe

    i am the owner of this bar and I used the manson face on my sign because it is connected with the most iconic song of my favorite band (the beatles) and I felt it made the sign more memorable and as a business owner having someone talk about and remember your business name is a huge step forward!!! I have had a ton of comments on the helter skelter lounge facebook page, I encourage any and all to revue all the comments made by the people who chose to write about this topic. you will find most of the comments are in support of what I'm doing here (which is creating a music venue for local and touring bands) and the negative ones are all from people who have never even been inside the bar. the paper failed to mention that I am in no way a racist, and in fact my co workers are of all nationalities and sexual orientation,we have been open two years and have never had anything but positive responses from people who visit….the plain truth is I LOVE LIVE MUSIC AND ALL THOSE WHO SUPPORT IT!!! come stop in and see for yourself, we are a fun inviting group of people!!!

  • Gallery Gal

    If you had read the BOOK "Helter Skelter" detailing the horrendous murders of the Tate and LaBianca families, and the depravity, cruelty, blood and gore involved in those murders, you might reconsider using that for a marketing/advertising plan. Clearly the song by the Beatles is tinged with the unfortunate horror of those events and most of these comments are by people who were not alive when Sharon Tate's 8 month fetus was cut out of her body and killed. Good grief people. Grow some compassion.

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