Aliens flying over Whidbey Island?

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.
Claimed To Be The First Sensational Picture Of The Mysterious Objects Popularly Known As Flying Saucers, This Photograph Is Reproduced From The Issue Teenage Times In Dublin. The Photograph Is Accompagnied By A News Story Which States That The Flying Sauc

File Photo from Getty Images

OAK HARBOR — Sure, one bizarre sighting in the night sky can be explained as a anomaly. But several?

Whidbey Island residents are reporting occurrences of flashing lights and erratic movements in the sky lately.  The Whidbey Island News Times is reporting at least six Unexplained Flying Objects have been spotted around the Washington island in the past year. Often times, the object is described as “mysterious set of orange lights” that move in an erratic fashion.

Island resident Christine Laing told the News Times that her Dec. 16 sighting could not be easily explained.

“It was such a weird shape and such an odd color,” Laing said.

No planes flew from NAS Whidbey base on the night of the sighting. According to the News Times, Whidbey Island has a long history of UFOs in the night sky.

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  • jesus

    these are not aliens but you are witnessing our governments at work. the technology you see around you like in your phones is what the government has already exhausted all use and now is available to the public. times what tech you see by about 100 and thats what the government uses. i know i sound like a nut.

  • JoJo

    Wow, next time put a warning on a video before putting it on a news site that I watch when my kids are with me…time to switch news stations…I am disappointed, not to mention the fact the video shows nothing, its too dark to see anything…

  • anonymous

    Cool video! And to all the negative comments, get over the use of “the f word” like your kids have never heard it before. Your kid is old enough to show them videos of “ufo’s” but not old enough to hear the f word being used? That sounds stupid, teach your children about the right and wrongs in the world instead of sheltering them from it or blaming fox for sharing an interesting video.

  • mortvee

    Looks like the "traditional" UFO to me…a friend of mine and I were talking about them and wooosh…they are back in the news, locally. We both have seen UFO's a few times in our lives…in isolated areas and over the US Capitol Building when I was young… so it is always a wonder why it is not engaged more by the general press… they do exist… question in everyone's mind who see's them… "what are they" the government will not comment usually. In Europe, Russia, Asia..even Canada, .they are addressed as to their "alien" nature not here in the US…which makes it more of a mystery to those who have seen them and makes our national perception and governmental position on them questionable!

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